You thought this MAFS Australia was outrageous – wait until you meet cheat Hayley and Elizabeth returns in season 7

MARRIED At First Sight ­Australia has become a smash hit here thanks to all the romances, rows and romping between contestants.

While series six of the Aussie show has become compulsive viewing for British audiences – just wait until you meet the couples in season seven.

The current series of the show is dramatic, but the new couples on the upcoming season will push the boundaries to whole new extremes.

There will be plenty more matches made in hell, revenge and bust-ups ahead.

The show, which first aired Down Under in 2019, sees a panel of experts match up 12 couples who have never met.


Elizabeth was one of biggest personalities of season six and after her marriage to Sam Ball ended in disaster, she was invited back by producers for a second chance at finding love.

She returned as an intruder bride mid-way through production and decided to walk down the aisle once again in the hope of finding her happy ever after.

The star shocked fans with her changed appearance, best known for her blonde hair, winged mascara and dark-red lipstick had transformed her face, shed weight and ditched her bleached hair in a major makeover.

The star was matched with former AFL star and aspiring actor Seb Guilhaus this time round.

Their romance quickly blossomed, and the loved-up couple decided to stay together during the final vows ceremony.

After the show ended in April 2020, they announced plans to move to Sydney's beachside suburb of Dee Why together. 

They stars shocked fans when they amicably split last month but refused to reveal exactly why they called it quits.

Despite not being romantically involved, Seb defended his ex-girlfriend against online trolls in the wake of their split announcement.


Amanda Micallef and Tash Herz star as the show's first ever lesbian couple

The Melbourne-based strength coach and Adelaide-based bartender started off well, but the morning after the wedding Tash revealed that she didn't feel a spark with Amanda.

The couple made history as the first-ever same-sex couple but sadly they went their separate ways.

Amanda Micallef accused ex-'wife' Tash Herz of dating someone else throughout the show.

She claimed that Tash had been involved with Madison Hewitt – who had also applied for the show after she received messages from Madison's former housemate

Tash and Madison had been an item before the show and publicly reunited in February 2020 while MAFS was still airing, but they split later that year.

The drama didn't stop there, Tash furiously hit back at her ex-wife for being portrayed as a "villain" for not showing affection towards her partner during the honeymoon and for accusing her of secretly dating another woman during the experiment.


Truck driver DaveCannon and finance worker Hayley Vernon looked as though they were going to get their happy ending.

But things got very bizarre when footage emerged of David scrubbing the toilet with Hayley's toothbrush, after it emerged she had kissed co-star Michael Goonan.

Hayley was left disgusted and went on to get her revenge by writing stay at the last commitment ceremony.

The experts stepped in and made the executive call that the couple should leave.

Connie Crayden and Jonethen Musulin were also hit by cheating allegations after Connie slammed her hubby for secretly hooking up with intruder bride KC Osborne.

They hit it off at the start, but the cracks started to show when Connie called her husband "immature".

They had a serious rocky patch and Johnny blindsided the brunette during a picnic date by telling her that he couldn’t see a future with her.

Safe to say it didn't end well.


Vanessa Romito and Chris Nicholls looked like a match made in heaven when they first met but a series of epic rows and she left her husband half way through the show.

 She later revealed that the father-of-two, 37, wasn't the one for her the moment that she met him on their wedding day. 

Vanessa revealed she wants somebody who "looks after themselves" and she felt Chris wasn't the guy for her. 

When asked whether she recommended going on Married At First Sight, Vanessa replied: "God, no."

There's also whispers that one girls' night gets so heated that glasses are smashed. 

Meanwhile, Hayley Vernon and Stacey Hampton end up having a brawl after an epic dispute.


Josh Pihlak and Cathy Evans had the makings of a strong couple, but things took a turn for the worse when Cathy disappeared one night after the commitment ceremony.

Luke then threw some shade when he was asked if Cathy was being fake and a game player for the cameras.

He said: "Cathy would go do her things and then get in a hire car and leave without saying goodbye.

"It's all good and well to act like the happy couple on camera, but it should be exactly the same off camera too."

She later revealed that she was never actually in love with Josh despite having a strong start and made a harsh dig that she had found someone "so much better" last year.

Safe to say things did not end well with the truck driver auctioning off his wedding ring.


Aleks Markovic and Ivan Sarakula looked like they were in it for the long haul.

The pair made it all the way to the final commitment ceremony proving true love does exist and Aleks even called her husband "the male version" of herself.

They shocked fans when they separated in February 2020, with Aleks admitting that they were "better off as friends" following a turbulent relationship beyond the show's reunion.

Aleks insisted she thought Ivan was a "great person" and  still considered their dream wedding on MAFS as her favourite memory.

KC Osborne and Drew Brauer also looked like they'd found their perfect match and agreed to stay together, despite fears their long-distance romance wouldn't last.

The couple sadly called it quits just weeks after filming their final vows.


Mishel Karen and Steve Burley lived separate lives while filming the show in Sydney last year , leaving fans questioning how much they actually worked on their marriage.

The pair looked unhappy from the get go and we pictured throughout the experiment looking glum.

Steve's lack of affection became a huge issue and after plenty of ups and downs, it all ended in tears when Steve was dumped in he street by his wife.

An emotional Mishel packed her bags and caught a taxi to the airport, as a producer and camera crew raced to capture the fight. 

After weeks of furious arguments, Mishel went in on her husband at the final vows ceremony and they decided to go their separate ways.


Stacey Hampton and Michael Goonan were not impressed with each other from the get go.

Michael and Stacey split during a cheating scandal, with Stacey accused of cheating with co-star Mikey Pembroke.  

After dumping Stacey, Michael enjoyed a brief romance with his former Married At First Sight star KC Osborne.

When Stacey was asked during a Q&A whether there was a chance she and Michael would get back together, she slammed: "I would rather swallow acid and die."

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