Yungblud reveals he's pansexual & is attracted to 'gorgeous' Harry Styles

YUNGBLUD is making huge waves in the music industry but his new album really will be a shock to the ­system for some.

He addresses all sorts in Weird!, released yesterday, including how he identifies as pansexual – he is attracted to personalities rather than a gender.

But he’s a big fan of one character in particular – Harry Styles.

In an exclusive chat, Yungblud, whose real name is Dominic Harrison, said: “Harry Styles is a good-looking dude. He’s gorgeous, man. I think he’s attractive.

“My sexuality is ever-evolving because I’m learning so much more about what sexuality as a f***ing concept even means.

“I think it’s about the idea every single one of us deserves to love and be loved in return by anybody we fall in love with.

“It’s like, f it. If I meet someone I love, then I love them.”

Yungblud also talks drugs on the 12-song record – his second studio album after 2018’s 21st Century Liability.

In Superdeadfriends he warns fans about the dangers of narcotics, telling them: “It’s too late for you to die young.”

The Doncaster-born star said: “I did when I was a bit young, but I don’t do drugs any more because that void, which a lot of us feel, is very much filled by my fan base.

“Superdeadfriends is about drug use in young people and kind of losing a lot of my peers and a lot of my friends to drug use in Hollywood and the way that is very much glamorised.

"All I wanted to amplify with this song was if you’re going to do drugs, do them safely – be careful because losing your life isn’t worth the high.”

Weird! has all the characteristics of a classic rock ’n’ roll album and Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl recently gave his seal of approval by saying the genre isn’t dead thanks to Yungblud.

But the Brit rocker admits he’s just a normal guy, and yearned for his mum, dad and a good cup of tea while working on the record in Los Angeles.

He added: “When I was out in America I was like, ‘I need to get out of here because I am a Yorkshire Tea man.

"I love fish and chips. I love Hobnobs. I like s**t Costa ­Coffee.

"And I want to get home’.”

Liam told last year how he and Harry had spent time in the studio together and said: “I f***ing love that geezer.”

For someone whose career is on a real high, Harry could do better than collaborating with an ailing act like Liam.

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