Zayn Malik dropped by record label after harassing Gigi's mum as fans fear he's been smoking strong cannabis

TROUBLED singer Zayn Malik has been dropped by his record label amid fans’ fears he has been smoking extremely strong cannabis. 

The revelation came after the ex-1D star, 28, split from model Gigi Hadid, 26, mum to their young daughter.

His career was in tatters last night after he was sentenced to probation and anger management classes for harassing Gigi’s mother Yolanda, 57.

The ex-One Direction star, 28, yesterday pleaded no contest to four counts of harassment amid allegations he shoved Gigi’s mother Yolanda, 57. 

In the September 29 incident, at the ranch he shares with Gigi in Pennsylvania, US, he allegedly called Netherlands-born Yolanda a “f*****g Dutch slut” during a torrid row.

The Sun can reveal Bradford-born Zayn has been ditched by his US record label RCA — with those close to him saying he has been increasingly smoking “extremely strong” cannabis.

A senior music source told The Sun last night: “A lot of people have tried desperately to get Zayn’s life and career back on track, but nothing has worked.

“So many people who have worked with him have just given up.

“He’s almost impossible to control or guide. A while ago his label quietly decided it was the end of the line for their relationship, and now this.”

Court papers claim Zayn told Yolanda, gran to his girl Khai, to “stay away from my “f*****g daughter”.

According to documents he then pushed her into a dresser, causing “mental anguish and physical pain”.

Gigi, 26, was working in Paris but is believed to have heard most of the altercation over the phone.

Zayn is alleged to have turned his anger on his girlfriend, telling her to “strap on some f*****g balls and defend your partner against your f*****g mother in my house”.

A security guard was present for the exchange, according to the court documents, which claim Zayn screamed at him: “Get the f*** out of my f*****g house, copper.”

After pleading “no contest” to harassment — although this is not a guilty plea — Zayn has been slapped with 360 days’ probation.

He must also complete an anger management class and a domestic violence supervision programme and cannot have any contact with Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Yolanda, or the guard.

In a statement, Zayn said: “I had agreed not to contest claims arising from an argument I had with a family member of my partner’s.

“Despite my efforts to restore us to a peaceful family environment that will allow for me to co-parent my daughter in a manner she deserves, this has been ‘leaked’ to the Press.

“I am hopeful, though, for healing for all involved with the harsh words shared and, more importantly, I remain vigilant to protect Khai and give her the privacy she deserves.”

Meanwhile, Zayn has been dropped by RCA. Pals are concerned at the singer’s regular use of cannabis and this may also have been of concern to record label bosses. A source told The Sun: “He’s not with RCA any more. He’s reached the end of the line with them, just as with so many other people before now — managers, agents, label executives.

“Loads of people believed he had potential. He’s a talent with good looks and lots of fans. But he’s just too much. Unfortunately, everyone who has tried to rein him in over the years has found it too much.

“He’s so determined in his behaviour, some fear he won’t be satisfied until his career prospects are totally finished.”

 The fiercely-private musician is said to have become “increasingly isolated” on the Pennsylvania farm where he and Gigi were raising Khai. An insider said: “Zayn lives an almost hermit-like existence. 

“He likes quiet, solitude, a slow pace, working on music. The rural farm life suits him and they’ve been at the ranch for a while. 

“Gigi loves it too. She cooks for him every day and even took up knitting. She does crafts around the home and painted rooms herself.

The suggestion she might have leaked details about her daughter’s pregnancy is laughable given what she saw behind the scenes.

“But she also wants to go back to work, which means parties, red carpets, ad campaigns, Instagram — all the things Zayn wants to avoid.”

Zayn’s relationship with Yolanda, who lives in the next ranch over, is said to have been strained for some time. Sources say he suspected her of leaking news of Gigi’s pregnancy last year — a claim Yolanda’s camp denies.

A friend said: “Yolanda is a very dignified woman who has witnessed a lot over the years but always kept her counsel. 

“The suggestion she might have leaked details about her daughter’s pregnancy is laughable given what she saw behind the scenes. Far from someone at odds with Zayn, she has spent many years being supportive of him and Gigi, and welcomed him into their family. She deserves a lot of credit.”

Yet insiders describe their personalities as “like chalk and cheese”. A source said: “Yolanda has always been very involved in Gigi’s career and is always saying Zayn should do more to support her — walk red carpets with her, post about her online.

“At one point, she suggested a reality show and he was horrified. That’s Zayn’s idea of a nightmare. 

“She’d always be hinting that Zayn’s reluctance to play the showbiz game was holding back Gigi’s career.”

Causing further friction, Zayn pulled out of last month’s Met Gala in New York at the last minute. What they see as his “escalating” behaviour led to concern in the Hadid camp. In June, footage of Zayn in a topless altercation with a reveller outside a New York nightclub was released.

Though it did not get physical, the stand-off was said to have left Gigi “furious”.

Fans have been worried about his behaviour for some time. In January he appeared to be smoking weed and drinking beer as he blasted out music in an early morning Instagram Live.

One follower asked: “Why is Zayn getting high and blasting lights and music at 6am when he supposedly has a baby in the house?” But the singer recently told a podcast Gigi was “really cool” with his nocturnal music-making and writing. Of cannabis, Zayn has said: “It helps sometimes with the creative process if you’re smoking a good weed. I’ve probably been smoking for a while.”

After auditioning for The X Factor aged 17, Zayn became wildly famous at warp speed.

He later admitted he would have told his younger self to wait a “couple more years” before signing a record deal. He said: “I’ve never been able to have — what’s the word? Anonymity. If I could go back, I’d have a few more years of anonymity.”

Fed up with living in the media’s glare, Zayn quit 1D in 2015. He struggled deeply with the level of control executives had over his life. 

Tattoos were banned. He was told what to wear and where to be.

As a solo star, he pulled out of a 2016 gig for Capital’s Summertime Ball concert minutes before he was due on stage. 

He tweeted later: “Unfortunately my anxiety around live performances has gotten the better of me.” 

In 2011 he began dating Little Mix star Perrie Edwards. They split four years later and he started dating Gigi from late 2015.

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