Adorable kid happily crashes grandfather’s live MSNBC interview

An MSNBC interview got derailed Thursday when a young guest crashed an expert’s serious commentary on the coronavirus pandemic and the recent spike in cases in New York City.

Dr. Irwin Redlener was interrupted on “Deadline: White House” by his toddler grandson, who suddenly popped his head into the video feed and grinned.

“This is what remote learning looks like,” joked anchor Nicolle Wallace, as she, Redlener and another guest laughed.

The pediatrician tried to get back on track — but kept breaking into chuckles as his grandson stood on the edge of the screen hopping and babbling.

“Oh boy,” Redlener said, as he gently tried to push the little boy away.

“The issue is that we’re gonna see big upticks all over the place, in the US and elsewhere in the world,” said the doc, speaking over his grandson’s charming chanting.

“We’re not gonna be free of the COVID-19 pandemic for the next couple of years and we need to get used to that fact …,” he went on. “So I’m not the least bit surprised about what we’re seeing in New York.”

Redlener continued: “We have to gear up and be adults about this and do what needs to get done to protect ourselves …”

As Redlener added that he was “very worried” about another point, the tot climbed up behind him on his chair and stuck out his tongue.

“This is the best thing that I’ve seen,” Wallace laughed, as someone came to grab the rambunctious little boy.

The adorable bit of comic relief recalled the viral 2017 moment when a professor’s two children crashed his on-air BBC interview about South Korea.

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