Ana Cabrera to exit CNN

Anchor Ana Cabrera says she will leave CNN next week.

The daytime news anchor confirmed the widely rumored news about her departure, saying her final show on CNN will be Dec. 22.

“I’m looking forward to starting a new chapter in my career, and excited for new opportunities, challenges, and growth to come,” Cabrera wrote in a tweet Thursday confirming the news.

In a statement to Variety, the anchor said she believes “in the mission” of CNN but is “making the personal decision to explore a new professional chapter.”

“I’m firmly committed to my work as a journalist in the next stage of my career,” Cabrera said. “But for now, I look forward to hitting pause and spending some extra time with my family.”

Cabrera, who joined CNN in 2013 and has most recently hosted an afternoon news show for the cable news giant, will likely have to wait out a noncompete period before joining a new network, the outlet noted, with MSNBC widely expected as the network that could hire her next.

Cabrera is the latest in a slew of top talent at CNN that has either left the network, been let go or sought other opportunities amid a string of changes since new President Chris Licht took over in May.

Last week, longtime defense correspondent Barbara Starr said she had made the decision to leave CNN, and other leading journalists like John Harwood and Brain Stelter have departed the network in recent months.

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