Andrew Cuomo callously tells restaurants to be grateful

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Gov. Andrew Cuomo didn’t say of struggling bar and restaurant workers and owners, “Let them eat cake.” He went even lower, telling them to be grateful for the crumbs he’s letting them have.

Responding to criticism Monday for banning indoor dining in the city when his own contact-tracing data show just 1.43 percent of state cases are linked to bars and restaurants, Cuomo blustered, “Let’s focus on what the real issues are,” dismissing “people who are concerned” about losing their livelihoods.

“You should be HAPPY because if we don’t change the trajectory, we’re going to go to shutdown, and then your business is going to close. That, my friends, is a real problem. Worry about that because that is a real worry,” he ranted.

Yet minutes later, he undermined his own job-killing mandate.

“Overwhelmingly, the number of new cases are coming from small gatherings, living room spread,” he said. “I can’t tell you how many people I talk to who say, ‘I’m not going out, I’m staying home and I invite my friends over, so I’m being safe,’” he continued. “The problem in the spring was going out. The problem in the winter is staying home and inviting people over.”

Indeed, Cuomo’s data show 74 percent of cases as linked to private indoor gatherings. So why is he encouraging more of them by shutting down the only places New Yorkers can gather in the cold months?

He seems to have it in for the city, banning indoor dining only here, though it has the second-lowest case and hospitalization rates in the state.

But then, there’s no point trying to make sense of his imperious pronouncements. Remember when he decided New Yorkers couldn’t get a drink without what he considered a substantial meal? “We said outdoor dining,” he huffed. “We didn’t say outdoor bars.”

His arrogance knows no bounds,

Instead of trying to help the thousands of people he’s putting out to work, the author of “American Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic” is helping only himself: He’s hosting a celebrity-studded virtual birthday and holiday reception Thursday night, with tickets from $1,000 to $10,000, with the proceeds going into his political coffers. Apparently, that’s what leadership looks like these days.

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