Astonishing moment thirsty squirrel BEGS a child for water

Astonishing moment thirsty squirrel BEGS a child for water – and then finishes off the bottle

  •  A parched squirrel polished off a water bottle in one gulp in astonishing footage
  •  The squirrel runs after a child, stands on its hind legs and begs for the bottle
  • Commenters on social media remarked on the intelligence of urban squirrels  

That’s one thirsty squirrel! 

A parched squirrel was caught on video begging for bottled water – then polishing it off in one, long gulp. 

In the video, a lone squirrel can be seen scuttling around what appears to be a child who is casually holding a bottle of water, while another child looks on. 

A video showing a squirrel begging for bottled water has gone viral. The squirrel is seen here on its hind legs, following the child around at an unnamed location

The squirrel periodically stands on its hind legs and makes a beseeching gesture, holding its front paws out as the child with the water bottle moves away. 

‘Aw, he’s thirsty,’ someone says. 

After uncapping the bottle, the child says: ‘How do I give it water?’

The child then seems to hand off the bottle to the person filming the video, who holds the quarter-full bottle close to the ground. 

Without hesitating, the squirrel shoves its snout into the mouth of the bottle and starts gulping the water, without pausing until the bottle is empty.  

After draining the bottle, the squirrel runs off. 

The squirrel polishes off the water bottle in one, long gulp without pausing until the bottle is empty

It’s unclear when or where the video was captured, although the people in the video appear to be American. 

Redditors pointed out that city squirrels are known for their intelligence when it comes to approaching humans.

‘Urban park squirrels approach people to beg for food all the time,’ redditor squirrelfoot wrote after the viral video was posted online on the site. 

‘It only takes one person to offer them water from a bottle for them to know what a water bottle is.’ 

‘Aww, poor thirsty baby!’ another redditor, photographybyadri, wrote. ‘I remember reading that animals living in cities tend to have higher intelligence than their wild counterparts. 

‘Really interesting, but it makes sense. 

‘This squirrel has literally learned a way to communicate with humans to get what it wants. Pretty, pretty cute.’

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