Australia fails to contain coronavirus 2nd wave as boy on hol tests positive 360 miles OUTSIDE infection zone

A TEEN from Melbourne has tested positive for Covid-19 while on holiday 360 miles away in New South Wales as Australia's second wave begins to spread.

The boy, was tested before he left his home state of Victoria, were told of his diagnosis after he arrived in NSW on July 4.

A test error meant the child's family had been told he was negative before they travelled to the neighbouring state.

Melbourne has now been forced into lockdown for six weeks after a surge in cases in Victoria.

NSW leader Gladys Berejiklian said she is "extremely worried" by the positive case and admitted she is considering closing off the state's border towns.

Chief Health Officer Dr Kerry Chant said officials had taken the details of 80 customers at the Tathra Hotel where the family were staying.

She said: “The risk to other patrons has been assessed as very low.”


The family are currently isolating in the town of Merimbula in the south east of the state.

Dr Chant praised the family's conduct adding “there is a lot of testing and there will occasionally be these errors.”

The state recorded eight new coronavirus cases today including a woman, aged in her 30s, from south west Sydney.

Australia's prime minister Scott Morrison says a shutdown of the nations second-largest city is necessary and promised continuing financial support for businesses that fear they wont survive a second lockdown.

The Victoria state government said Melbourne and part of its surrounds will lock down for six weeks from today night because the rate of coronavirus spread was unsustainable.


Mr Morrison said the federal governments medical advice agreed with the Victorian government that the move was necessary.

He said” “I hope it isn't for that long. I hope its for a shorter period as possible.”

Morrison says Australia's seven other states and territories would continue to relax pandemic restrictions.

Victoria authorities announced another 134 cases in the latest 24 hours.

Breaches of infection controls at Melbourne hotels where international travellers are required to isolate for 14 days have been blamed for much of the disease spread.

The state government last week responded by banning new arrivals at Melbourne Airport for two weeks.

Morrison said he wanted to reduce the numbers of Australian citizens, permanent residents and foreigners exempt from Australias travel ban landing at Australian airports because of the strain on hotel quarantine.

With Melbourne going into lockdown, the entire state of Victoria is effectively being sealed off from the rest of the country.

Signs along the border warn motorists trying to escape that they will be hit with "big fines".

About 650 police officers and 350 Australian Defence Force personnel will help fortify the closed border from 11.59pm local time, says the Canberra Times.

Those breaching rules risk being fined £6,000 or even jailed.

Australia has suffered 106 deaths from 8,886 Covid-19 infections so far.

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