Austrian man breaks world record with 2.5 hour ice cube bath

They don’t get any cooler than this guy.

An Austrian man chilled out for just over two-and-a-half hours in a full-body ice bath — breaking his own world record by almost 30 minutes.

Josef Koeberl, 42, needed 440 pounds of ice cubes to fill a custom-made, transparent box up to his shoulders on Saturday.

Wearing nothing but swim trunks, Koeberl sat inside the box in front of a small crowd in Melk, and his cool for 2 hours, 30 minutes and 57 seconds — beating his own record for full-body exposure to ice that he set last year with two hours, eight minutes and 47 seconds.

“I’m fighting the pain by visualizing and drawing on positive emotions so I can dampen this wave of pain,” Koeberl told reporters. “That way I can endure.”

After being taken out of the ice box by helpers, he said the sun felt “really great” on his back.

“It’s a great feeling, above all the sun — the warmth feels good,” Koeberl said, saying he wanted to “put my socks on” because “the first thing that has to warm up are your feet.”

Koeberl’s frozen sequels are not done — he plans to ice out his own record again next year, this time in Los Angeles.

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