Baby cries after grandfather compares him to 'busted can of biscuits'

Moment four-month-old boy bursts into tears after his grandfather says he looks like ‘a busted can of biscuits’

  • Four-month-old Achilles cried when his grandfather joked about his appearance
  • Martin Ramirez, 51, and daughter Sophie, 24, were meeting him for first time 
  • In the comical clip the baby’s family laugh and claim he looks like Baby Yoda 

A grandfather meeting his grandson for the first time made the four-month-old baby cry when he said he looked like a ‘busted can of biscuits’.

Sophia Ramirez, 24, and her dad Martin, 51, from Chandler, Arizona, were visiting Sophia’s sister’s four-month-old baby Achilles for the first time in February 2021.

The group were commenting on his looks, comparing him to Baby Yoda, from The Mandalorian series in the Star Wars franchise, when the youngster appeared to take offence and burst into tears. 

Martin Ramirez, 51, from Chandler, Arizona, met his grandson Achilles for the first time last month but the meeting did not go quite to plan when the baby cried after the grandfather compared him to a ‘busted can of biscuits’

Adorable Achilles was sat on his grandfather’s lap clutching his fingers and staring deep into the camera. 

He looks confused as his family members around him begin laughing while they discuss his resemblance to the character Grogu, also known to fans as Baby Yoda. 

They comment ‘this is the way’, a phrase associated with the Mandolorian series.

In the comical clip the family can be heard drawing comparisons between Achilles and Baby Yoda from The Mandalorian series

But Achilles appears these than impressed with their comments as he eventually bursts into tears as he sat with his grandfather

Tears begin to fill his eyes as a female in the background of the video can be heard saying: ‘You do look like Baby Yoda, huh?’

But when Martin says ‘you look like a busted can of biscuits’ Achilles is pushed over the brink and he starts to cry.  

The hilarious family video went viral online after Sophia shared it on Tik Tok, with nearly one million views.

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