Baby still attached to his umbilical cord is found in a toilet bin

Newborn boy is found dumped in a bin inside a public toilet with his umbilical cord and placenta still attached

  • The baby was stuck head down in a plastic bag in a bathroom in China
  • He was covered in blood when he was abandoned, an eyewitness said
  • Footage shows a medic checking the boy before taking him to hospital
  • Police have found the child’s mother and are investigating the matter 

A baby has been rescued after he was abandoned in a bin inside a public toilet in China.

The boy’s umbilical cord and placenta were still attached to him when two cleaners found the child stuck head down in a plastic bag, reported local media.

Police have reportedly found the boy’s mother and are investigating the case. The child is believed to be in stable condition.

The Chinese baby was stuck in a public toilet bin head down when two cleaners found him 

The newborn was found on Saturday by two sanitation workers in an accessible toilet in Lanzhou in north-western China’s Gansu Province, reported Chinese news site The Paper. 

The workers told the reporter that they were shocked to see the toilet’s floor covered in blood when they were about to clean it. 

One worker said her colleague and she called the police right after discovering the newborn. 

Footage released by Pear Video shows a paramedic gently wrapping the naked baby with a blanket. The medic then carried the baby to an ambulance. 

One cleaner, named Zhou Taoxiang (left), said her co-worker came upon the deserted baby who was ‘covered in blood’. They were about to clean an accessible toilet in Lanzhou (right)

One of the cleaners, named Zhou Taoxiang, told Pear that her co-worker came upon the deserted baby who was ‘covered in blood’. 

She said when she rushed over, she found a half-closed plastic bag. After opening the bag, she saw the baby. 

Paramedics took the baby to the Chengguan District People’s Hospital for medical attention. 

One doctor told Beijing News that paramedics had cut off the baby’s placenta during first aid, but his umbilical cord was still attached to him when he arrived at the hospital. 

Footage shows a paramedic gently wrapping the naked baby with a blanket before taking him to an ambulance. Police have found the boy’s mother and are investigating the matter

The doctors said medics then bathed the child, cut his umbilical cord and put him in an incubator for intensive care. 

Police have found the boy’s mother who has taken the child home, according to the report.

Officers are said to be carrying out further investigation.  

According to the latest statistics, around 100,000 babies are abandoned in China every year – an equivalent to more than 270 a day.

Under Chinese criminal law, any parents who desert their children can be imprisoned for up to five years.

However, in reality, few of them are given punishment due to a lack of law enforcement.

Just last month, a baby with her umbilical cord still attached was deserted in southern China’s Hainan province by her mother who left in a hurry after giving birth.

The naked girl was covered in leaves on a fruit field when a local farmer heard her crying, according to the local press.

A 29-year-old woman who claimed to be the baby’s mother claimed that she had abandoned her daughter because ‘she was scared and clueless’.

100,000 babies and children are abandoned in China every year

An estimated 100,000 babies and children are abandoned by their parents in China every year.

It is illegal for parents to abandon their minors in China.

However, the country is lacking a well-developed system to prevent parents from doing so, and to punish those who have done so, according to China’s Children Welfare Report in 2013.

Residents visit an abandoned baby lying in a crib at a ‘baby hatch’ in Guiyang, China, on January 12, 2014. The ‘baby hatches’, formally known as a ‘baby safety islands’, was set up in several Chinese cities for people to drop off their unwanted children

Many people desert their sons and daughters because the children were born seriously ill or disabled. 

According to People’s Daily Online, those parents worry that they would not be able to afford the baby’s medical bills as well as the cost to bring them up.

Some infants are abandoned by young parents who got pregnant unexpectedly and didn’t want their parents to find out about the child. 

In 2017, a top student in Xi’an reportedly threw her newborn baby out of the window of her dorm room after giving birth in secret at a college. The baby was later found dead in an alley next to the school.

Traditionally, the baby’s gender would play a role as people in China put great importance in having male offspring. However, the preference is gradually fading out.

Several Chinese cities, including Guangzhou, Jinan and Xiamen, have in the past set up baby hatches – or ‘baby safety islands’ – for people to drop off their unwanted children instead of leaving them on the street or in the wild.  

But the shelters, usually in the form of small wooden houses, have disappeared in the past few years after being inundated with disabled children.

In 2014, one such facility in Jinan reportedly received 106 children with disabilities or medical conditions in just 11 days. The oldest of them was seven years old. 

The refuge also drew controversy on whether or not they were encouraging people to desert their children. 

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