Barrage of rockets launched at Tel Aviv from the Gaza Strip

The Israeli city of Tel Aviv is under fire from a barrage of rockets launched from the Gaza Strip.

The volleys set off air raid sirens across Tel Aviv on Tuesday night, and Israel’s anti-rocket defense systems were activated.

It is not clear how many rockets were blocked by the Israel Defense Forces’ Iron Dome missile defense system, though shrapnel from projectiles could be seen breaking through.

Earlier Tuesday, Israel launched airstrikes into the Gaza Strip after Hamas and other Islamic jihadist militants bombarded multiple locations in Israel with rockets.

The Islamic Jihad vowed to fire rockets into Tel Aviv, Israel’s second-largest city, in retaliation for the attack, which led to the collapse of a 13-story residential building.

“In response to the targeting of residential towers and civilians, your appointment with the resistance’s rockets in the skies of Tel Aviv is at 9 p.m.,” a statement by an Islamic Jihad spokesman said.

Hamas said it launched a total of 130 rockets, its most intense strike so far, in response to Israel’s destruction of a high-rise building in Gaza earlier in the evening.

The sound of the outgoing rockets could be heard in Gaza. As the rockets made their way up in the skies, mosques across Gaza blared with chants of “God is great,” “Victory to Islam” and “Resistance.”

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