BBC viewers ‘outraged’ after journalist says 'n*****' in mid-morning broadcast

BBC News viewers were “outraged” after a journalist used the N-word during a mid-morning broadcast.

Fiona Lamdin was reporting on a racist attack against a black NHS worker when she made the unnecessary slur. 

The original broadcast, which warned of “offensive racist language”, aired at 10.30am today.

It has since been removed from the BBC website but viewers were quick to share the clip on social media.

Fiona is now being blasted on Twitter with many arguing “there was literally no need for it”. 

One person said: “I really don’t think that word was necessary. Saying racial slur would have been enough.”

Another wrote: “As a woman of colour I am highly offended at this! Such a demonstration of poor judgement and zero sensitivity exercised here especially in light of the times we are currently facing, completely disgraceful!”

The BBC social affairs correspondent was reporting on an attack on musician K-Dogg who was deliberately struck by a car. 

Thugs, wearing coronavirus masks to conceal their identity, used the vehicle “as a weapon” to ram the 21-year-old while he was walking home from work at Southmead Hospital in Bristol.

They then hurled racist abuse at him before leaving him injured on the ground with a broken leg, nose and cheekbone.

Introducing an interview with one of the first people on the scene, the presenter said: “Just to warn you, you’re about to hear highly offensive language because as the men ran away they hurled racial abuse, calling him a n*****.”

People were horrified to hear the word on day-time TV and shared their disbelief online.

One said on Twitter: “I’m a bit gobsmacked” while another wrote “SORRY WHAT.”

Another person tweeted: “There was literally no need, from the moment they said racial slurs we all knew exactly what was said.”

And someone replied: “What the f**k. Reporting now.”

Many were shocked the BBC had chosen to include the word in a broadcast and described it as “painful to watch”.

One person tweeted: “I’m in disbelief. It’s 10am and she said this. Two black people don’t even say this on pro live TV wtaf.”

Another said: “Oh that’s painful to watch. Just stop at racial abuse. There have been many stories about racial hatred previously and at no point has it ever been necessary to say that word.”

Most people agreed the reporter should have said “the N-word” because “we all know what it means”.

One woman wrote: “That’s an outrage. BBC News, how the hell did this obtain approval for broadcast? Answers required.”

And someone replied: “The level of unnecessary. She could have just left it at racial slurs, we know what it means ffs.”

The BBC has been approached for comment. 

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