Bear entertains itself after flopping face-first into a muddy puddle

Forever blowing bubbles! Hilarious moment bear entertains itself after flopping face-first into a muddy puddle to cool off

  • Black bear blows bubbles in cool water on hot summer’s day in south Montana
  • Animal submerges its snout beneath the muddy water and breathes out 
  • Kim Williams, 65, was checking her camera when she spotted the bear in a clip

A playful bear was caught on camera blowing bubbles in a muddy puddle as it tried to cool off.  

Kim Williams, 65, was checking her trail camera in the mountains of south Montana this summer when she found footage of the 660lb black bear lying belly-down in the water. 

The retired postal worker said the large mammal submerged its snout beneath the water a number of times to blow the bubbles.  

The playful bear flops face-first into a muddy pool in south Montana in an attempt to cool off before sinking its head beneath the water

In comical footage, the bear lifts its head from side-to-side as it blows the bubbles. 

Ms Williams said: ‘I couldn’t stop laughing. I’ve never seen a bear do anything like it.

‘It looked like it was playing like a dog might with their water bowl. I found it really funny seeing an animal so big act so playfully. 

‘It stayed there for five minutes doing this before walking away. I suppose bears have to find different things to keep themselves entertained on a hot summer day.

‘I’ve had a trail camera in the area for a few years now and have regularly seen bears cooling off, but never do anything like this.

The large mammal lifts its head up from the cool water and enjoys the muddy water on its body

‘They will come down and lie there as I think the mud helps keep the insects away, and others will just drink the water.

‘I had to move the trail camera to a higher position as the bears used to paw at it and sometimes steal it.

‘Even now they will climb the tree and mess with it.’ 

Following the comical antics, viewers took to social media to share their thoughts on the carefree bear.

One user wrote: ‘Funniest thing I’ve seen all day!’

Anther person said: ‘Ugh I wish I could live that life.’

After sharing the clip online, viewers took to social media to share their amusing thoughts

Another commented: ‘Funny, nothing better than a day at the spa.’

While another added: ‘Is this not the cutest thing?!’ 

Black bears are solitary creatures that typically live in forests but can also be found in mountains and swamps across North America, Canada and Mexico.

They feature small rounded ears, fur that can vary from blue-gray, blue-black, brown, cinnamon, or even on rare occasions white, and short non-retractable claws which aid them in climbing trees. 

The creatures will spend the winter months dormant in their dens and will feed on the body fat they have built up over the summer and autumn months. 

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