Bernie Sanders blasts Democrats as ‘party of coastal elites’ – despite running for their nomination and endorsing Biden

BERNIE Sanders has slammed the Democrats as a “party of coastal elites”.

His blast comes despite running for their nomination – and ultimately endorsing Joe Biden as presidential candidate.

The Vermont Senator, 79, is apparently keen to join Biden’s administration if he wins the White House race, sources have told Politico.

He's been on the campaign trail for the Biden-Kamala Harris ticket.

But it didn't stop the politician from speaking out against the Democratic party on NBC's Late Night With Seth Meyers.

During Thursday's news satire talk show, Meyers suggested that the Democratic Party has edged away from America's working class.

Sen. Sanders agreed with Meyers.

The presenter asked for his thoughts on how Biden could "bring the Democratic Party back to serving the working people in this country".

Sen. Sanders replied: "I think it is fair to say that in many ways the Democratic Party has become a party of the coastal elites, folks who have a lot of money, upper-middle-class people who are good people, who believe in social justice in many respects.

"But I think for many, many years the Democratic Party has not paid the kind of attention to working-class needs that they should've."

Sen. Sanders blamed donors and businesses that often fund Democratic campaigns for tipping the balance in the party's demographics, reports Newsweek.

He also urged Democrats in Congress to "start bursting out of the blocs in an effort to protect working people".

The politician explained that he has been working on a program to boost the party's support of working class people.

This would include a "very substantive" coronavirus relief bill, he told Meyers.

"If the Democratic Party does not stand firmly for working families and have the courage to take on the drug companies and the insurance companies and the big money interests, shame on them," Sanders said.

Targeting Donald Trump, Sanders told Meyers that the "overwhelming majority" of his supporters would vote for Biden.

In this year's presidential election "they understand that we cannot have four more years of Donald Trump," he added.

Apart from explaining his new plan to help American workers to Meyers, and discussing his relationship with celebrities like Cardi B and Dua Lipa, he also sent a message to undecided voters.

Sen. Sanders has for months been imploring his supporters to vote for Joe Biden.

Back in August, he suggested that without a unified Democratic Party, years of gains by the progressive movement could be lost and that the country may not even survive four more years of Trump.

“At its most basic, this election is about preserving our democracy,” the senator warned then.

Sanders twice finished as runner-up in his party’s presidential party.

Politico reports that he is aiming to become the Labor secretary – but Sen. Sanders has so far neither confirmed nor denied the report.

Trump has repeatedly dismissed Sanders as “Crazy Bernie".

In early October, he compared this year's presidential election to his successful 2016 bid, predicting that "just like last time, Bernie Sanders' people are going to vote for me because of what I've done on trade."

Speaking at a rally in Pennsylvania, Trump added: "[Sanders] did us some big favors.

"We had a lot of Bernie's people come with us last time because they agree with me on trade."


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