Biden thanks 'courageous' immigrants 'for choosing the US' as border crisis pummels his approval rating

JOE Biden today thanked "courageous" immigrants "for choosing the US" as his approval rating tanks amid an escalating border crisis.

The President gushed praise on migrants’ "sacrifice" after it emerged border crossings had reached a 15-year high  —  with pictures revealing overcrowded migrant detention facilities.

But despite the humanitarian crisis, Biden released a video thanking newly naturalized citizens.

He said: "You all have one thing in common — courage.

"The courage it takes to sacrifice and make this journey. 

"The courage to leave your homes, your lives, your loved ones, and come to a nation that is more than just a place but rather an idea.

"You have earned a new title equal to that of an American president, the title I’m most proud of — citizen."

However, as Biden heaped praise on immigrants, a poll was released by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research that found 40 per cent of Americans disapprove of his handling of the surge at the southern border.

You all have one thing in common — courage

Only 24 per cent approved while a third had no opinion.

Biden’s remarks come at a time of increased pressure at the border and growing criticism from Republicans who claim Biden’s pledge of a  more humane immigration policy has backfired and actually spurred a new wave of migration from Central America.

More than 170,000 migrants have been detained at the southwest border in March.

This is the most in any month for at least 15 years — and up nearly 70 percent from February.

The total included 19,000 unaccompanied migrant kids and 53,000 family members traveling together.

A top US border official said on Tuesday there are more than 6,000 arrivals on some days and he expects more than a million will cross this year.

The crisis at the border has been condemned by right and left.

Democrat congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez last week slammed conditions in detention camps as "inhuman and horrifying".

Vice-president Kamala Harris has been put in charge of the crisis.

But she was criticized for failing to hold a press conference on efforts to solve the issue.

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