Biden’s real ‘patriotic responsibility’: Convince the vax-resisters

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Despite new CDC guidance that vaccinated people don’t need masks outdoors, President Joe Biden, fully vaccinated, says he’s doing his “patriotic” duty by masking anyway.

“It’s a small precaution to take that has a profound impact,” he told NBC News on Friday. “It’s a patriotic responsibility for God’s sake.”

That’s misinformation as bad as the last guy’s jokes about injecting disinfectant: Getting past any need to mask up is actually one of the many reasons to get jabbed, and America needs its president sending that message.

Indeed, it’s his real patriotic duty. The sad fact is, a whole lot of Americans are vax-reluctant, enough to threaten the overriding goal of herd immunity. It’s keeping us from getting back to normal, a theme Biden should be hammering home. Much as Biden wants to take credit for vaccinations, most of that is on President Donald Trump’s Operation Warp Speed for ensuring that the country would have the vaccine in the first place, and in ample amounts.

Kudos to Biden for boosting supply and improving distribution once he took over, but that’s the least the public would expect. The challenge that falls to him is persuading the hesitant to do their part to get us over the finish line.

Think outside the box: We’re dubious about suggestions to offer cash rewards for getting jabbed, but a guy who wants to spend $6 trillion could at least think gift certificates, special events, something to up vaccinate rates.

But mostly he needs to lead by example. So no more mask theater, wearing them outside or among other people who have already been jabbed, or even on video calls. You’re vaccinated, Mr. President — show the nation that means freedom.

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