Bikers tear through Kensington's streets in one last meet-up

Revved-up bikers tear through Kensington’s streets through clouds of tyre smoke in one last meet-up before new Covid lockdown

  • Large group of bikers were filmed riding through Kensington’s streets last night 
  • Bikers revved their engines for minutes at a time creating large clouds of smoke
  • Motorists were brought to a standstill as the bikers gathered outside college 

This is the moment dozens of bikers storm through Kensington’s streets in one last meet-up before the country is plunged into the latest lockdown.

In video shared across social media, the group of bikers can be seen revving up their engines to create vast clouds of smoke as bewildered drivers look on in vain.

The meet-up appears to take place outside Imperial College London, in Exhibition Road, where a large crowd appears to have gathered.

A large crowd of bikers gathered outside Imperial College London in Kensington last night bringing traffic to a grinding halt in one last bid to head out on their bikes before lockdown

Revved-up bikers were filmed tearing through Kensington’s streets creating clouds of tyre smoke in one last meet-up before the new Covid lockdown comes into force across England

Cars could be seen trying to manoeuvre out of the way of the bikes as they made their way to the front of the college where the crowd was gathering.  

The video also shows traffic at a near standstill as groups of bikers appeared to cause congestion. 

The footage was captured last night on the UK’s last evening before the new lockdown begins where people will only be permitted to leave their homes for limited reasons.  

Shocked onlookers can be seen watching as the bikes parade past a queue of cars creating huge clouds of smoke in the air. 

The bikers were filmed weaving their way through traffic as motorists swerved out of the way

The bikers also created a large commotion by revving their engines for a long duration of time. 

As of today, the country is facing the fresh lockdown which means you may only leave your home for reasons including work and education as well as for fulfilling ‘essential duties’ such as picking up medication.

People are only allowed to meet those from other households if they are within a support bubble or to provide care for the vulnerable or children under 13.

There are limited circumstances which people can legally meet in larger groups including weddings and funerals, support groups or those carrying out charitable services. 

However, the bikers created a strong reaction from angry members of the public as one commented: ‘These a******** are why we’re in lockdown in the first place FFS’ while another said ‘Greta Thunberg covering her eyes in horror’. 

Another person said: ‘Please let’s not start this one up again!’

Although others were more supportive as one man commented: ‘Hardly the worst thing in the world.’

The Metropolitan Police have been contacted for comment. 

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