Black dad dies after telling police officers ‘I can’t breathe’ when he was Tasered on TV cop show – The Sun

SHOCKING bodycam footage shows the moment a black dad died after telling police officers "I can't breathe" when he was Tasered and held on the ground.

Javier Ambler, 40, gasped for air, told Texas police he had congestive heart failure and begged "save me" before he lost consciousness.

The footage, which was filmed for A&E Network's real-time police show 'Live PD', shows Ambler being tased by the deputies at least four times.

The dad-of-two had been driving home in from a poker game with friends when a Williamson County Deputy noticed Ambler did not dim his headlights to oncoming traffic.

Ambler tried to flee, resulting in a 22 minute car chase that ended in Austin, Tx after he crashed his car.

The footage showed deputy, J.J. Johnson approaching Ambler's vehicle as Ambler exited with his hands raised.

As the father-of-two is handcuffed, he can be heard saying, "I have congestive heart failure."

Officers claimed Ambler resisted and refused to obey verbal commands, according to the Williamson County Sheriff's Office Case Report.

However, in the video, Ambler can be heard crying out "I'm not resisting".

While in custody, the video shows Ambler continuously telling the officers that he could not breathe.

Just before the final taser shock, he said "Save Me".

Deputy Johnson is regularly featured on the A&E Networks show, "Live PD".

Footage for the show was allegedly rolling during Ambler's time in custody, but it appears to not have been aired.

The continued investigation of Ambler's death comes after over two weeks of Black Lives Matter movement spurred by the death of George Floyd.

Floyd's death was ruled a homicide and was ruled to be caused by his heart stopping after a white police officer restrained him and applied excessive force to his neck.

An autopsy commissioned by Floyd's family found that the compression cut off the blood to his brain and the pressure of another officers' knees on his back made it impossible for him to breathe.

Thousands have flooded the streets to protests against police brutality against men and women in the black community.

Ambler's death was ruled a homicide, according to police docs.

An internal affairs investigation from last year found that Johnson and the other deputies that had arrived on scene and administered several taser shocks did not violate the agency pursuit or use of force policies.

Williamson County Sheriff Robert Chody has faced criticism for allowing "Live PD" to film his department and has been called to resign by two Williamson County Commissioners. Sheriff Robert Chody has no plans to resign.

In a statement Tuesday, Chody said of the Ambler investigation: “The facts are that our department remains willing to participate in the Travis County DA's investigation, but we have not been asked to do so. We participated in the APD investigation, the results of which are available to the Travis County DA.”

The Travis County District Attorney is leading the investigation into the arrest. The body camera footage came from an Austin police officer who responded to the scene after the chase entered Austin, District Attorney Margaret Moore told CNN. While no Austin officers are currently under investigation, Moore made it clear that officials with the Williamson County Sheriff's office have not been cooperative.

The Sheriff’s office has denied these claims.

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