Brit twins savaged by crocodile in Mexico are ‘definitely NOT’ ending their holiday over nightmare attack

BRIT twins who battled a crocodile on a dream trip to Mexico won't end their holiday early – despite the nightmare attack.

Courageous Georgia Laurie fought off the whopping croc after it grabbed her sister Melissa by the leg and dragged her into a death roll.

But despite their ordeal – which left Melissa in a coma – Georgia says they're determined to finish their trip.

She told The Sun: “Melissa’s got a fractured wrist which is going to take longer to heal than her other injuries.

"She might as well recover here rather than be bored at home.

“We’re definitely not going to end our world tour. We want to continue. I can recover well here and so can she.”

The sisters were swimming together when Georgia suddenly realised Melissa was in trouble.

The girls were among a group of 25 tourists who were taken by an unlicensed guide — named locally as a German backpacker called Richie — to an area of the Manialtepec lagoon which is known for nesting crocs.

And Georgia says she realised her sister looked like she was being "jerked around" – before she spotted a two foot-long croc head emerging from the water.

“I saw her getting jerked around and I saw a croc’s head which was about two feet long. The croc swam off, but kept coming back," she said.


“That’s when it grabbed her by the leg and got her in a death roll. She went round and round and it was trying to drag her away.

“I was pounding it, and that’s when it grabbed me and bit my arm. I bashed it with the other hand and it let me go. That happened three times.

“The croc battle seemed to go on a long time but adrenalin had kicked in.”

She says she "punched" the creature on the nose with both fists – adding: "It felt hard, like hitting a table."

As the twins screamed, their friends managed to alert a second tourist boat, skippered by experienced guide Gerardo Escamilla Perez, to rescue them.

Once Melissa was hauled into another boat, the extent of her injuries became clear.

Georgia, a qualified diver, said: “She had puncture wounds everywhere but wasn’t bleeding out.

"She was drifting in and out of consciousness. The thing that worried me was she was coughing up blood and saying, ‘I’m drowning, I’m drowning’.

"It was scary, and she screamed too.

“I thought of how I had seen her face down in the water for a long time, so I was worried how much water she had swallowed.”

The twins, from Sandhurst, Berks, were taken to a hospital in Puerto Escondido.

Georgia was treated for bite marks and gashes to her right hand and wrist, and scratches on her legs.

Melissa was found to have a fractured wrist and lacerations on her stomach, but doctors were most concerned that she had developed sepsis, or blood poisoning, in her wounds.

Luckily, she has now awoken from her coma. She's still receiving hospital treatment.

So far the girls’ medical bill has reached £11,000, but a GoFundMe page has raised more than £43,800 for the family.

One of Georgia’s backpacker pals, young German traveller Max Lorijn, said: “She’s such a brave and fantastic girl.

"I am thankful she had a good outcome and hopefully her sister will continue to be well.”

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