Britain's 'worst rapists' have extra 10 years added to jail terms for heinous crimes

TWO twisted rapists including one who attacked more than 200 victims were today handed an extra ten years on their jail sentences.

Reynhard Sinaga drugged and assaulted hundreds of men at his flat near Manchester city centre's gay village during a two-year rampage.

The 37-year-old monster was caged for life in January for 159 sex offences – with his conviction believed to include the highest number of victims attacked by one man anywhere in the world.

But the Court of Appeal heard hundreds of men have called police since he was caged – bringing his grim tally to 206 known and over 60 unidentified.

Joseph McCann, 35, raped and kidnapped 11 people including an 11-year-old boy during a two-week cocaine-fuelled reign of terror after mistakenly being freed from jail.

The fiend was branded a "classic psychopath" when he was handed 33 life sentences in December.

But the Attorney General's Office referred the 30-year minimum jail terms given to both McCann and Sinaga as "unduly lenient" earlier this year.

Court of Appeal judges today raised the minimum terms to 40 years – despite them hearing how both should be given whole life tariffs.


Lord Chief Justice Lord Burnett said: "The offending in the cases of McCann and Sinaga, very serious indeed though it is, does not, in our judgment, call for either to receive a while life tariff.

"This is not to minimise the seriousness of their offending but instead to ensure that the most severe sentence in our jurisdiction is reserved, save exceptionally, either for the most serious cases involving loss of life, or when a substantive plan to murder of similar seriousness is interrupted close to fulfilment."

"Neither man has shown any remorse and the long-term psychological damage for at least some of the victims in both trials is profound and will only be understood in the years to come."

The landmark ruling is the first time two separate offenders' sentences have been challenged together as being unduly lenient.

The Court of Appeal in London had heard how McCann and Sinaga carried out "some of the worst and most violent that this country has ever witnessed".

Sinaga targeted tipsy revellers as they poured out of nearby nightclubs then filmed himself raping his unconscious victims in his seedy lair.

The PhD student blew his rich property tycoon dad's money on partying and prowled the streets looking for lone drunk men to attack.

Sick Sinaga even played 'Top Trumps' of people he raped by keeping screenshots of his victims' social media profiles after checking their IDs.

His gruesome rampage was only stopped when a hero rugby player battered the sex fiend after waking up naked in his home.

The sick predator boasted of using his “secret poison” to make young, straight men “fall in love” with him between January 2015 and June 2017.

In one chilling encounter captured on CCTV, he left his flat and returned with a victim just 60 seconds later.

Most victims were clueless they had been attacked and only two already knew they had been raped when they were approached by police.

He was found guilty of 159 charges against 48 men – aged between 17 and 36 – but cops found footage and other evidence of up to 195 victims on laptops and two iPhones.

Ian Rushton, North West Deputy Chief Crown Prosecutor, described Sinaga as "the most prolific rapist in British legal history".

He added: "His extreme sense of sexual entitlement almost defies belief and he would no doubt still be adding to his staggering tally had he not been caught."

McCann wore wigs, told victims he loved them and claimed they were part of a "gypsy initiation ritual" as he carried out a horrific rape spree across the UK.

He had mistakenly been freed automatically half-way through a three-year sentence for burglary and theft in February last year.

Timeline of terror

April 21 — Watford, Hertfordshire
4am: 21-year-old woman abducted outside Pryzm nightclub, driven to her home and raped in her own bed.

April 25 — Walthamstow, London
12.30am: A woman aged 25 is abducted while walking home from the Tube and subjected to 14-hour ordeal.

April 25 — Edgware, London
12.15pm: A 21-year-old woman is abducted but her sister, 18, escapes. The 21-year-old and 25-year-old earlier victim manage to escape in Watford.

May 5 — Haslingden, Lancashire
Early hours: A mother is tied up in her own home while her daughter, 17, and son, 11, are raped and sexually assaulted in the room next door.

May 5 — Ramsbottom, Greater Manchester
1.30pm: A 71-year-old woman loading her car with shopping at Morrisons is abducted and raped. She is still in the car when McCann strikes again.

May 5 — Heywood, Greater Manchester
3.30pm: A 13-year-old girl is kidnapped and sexually assaulted. She and the 71-year-old woman escape at Knutsford services shortly before 6pm.

May 5 — Congleton, Cheshire
6.30pm: Two 14-year-old girls are abducted in the Fiat Punto stolen from the 71-year-old woman

McCann abducted victims from the street and threatened some at knifepoint before brutally raping them for hours on end.

One 17-year-old girl jumped naked from a first-floor window after fearing she would be trafficked abroad when McCann raped her and her 11-year-old brother.

The girl's mum was tied up with hair straighteners and forced to listen to the muffled screams of her children as the sicko raped them both.

McCann's gruesome rampage finally came to an end in May this year following a dramatic five-hour stand-off with cops after the fiend fled up a tree.

He then told police: "If you had caught me for the first two, the rest of this wouldn't have happened."

McCann was found guilty of 37 charges including the rape of a child under 13, kidnap, and sexual assault concerning 11 alleged victims.

They were all aged between 11 and 71, and the offences occurred across five police force areas over a two-week period between 20 April and 5 May.

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