Car rolls backwards across five lanes of traffic – with no collisions

How did they miss it? Car rolls backwards across five lanes of fast traffic but somehow no one hits it

  • Driver parked car near a busy road in Thailand but forgot to engage handbrake
  • Blue hatchback suddenly rolls backwards into the fast-moving oncoming traffic
  • It narrowly avoids hitting motorcyclist and truck before stopping when it bumps into central reservation

A car drifted across five lanes of fast-moving traffic after its driver forgot to engage the handbrake – and miraculously didn’t cause any crashes.

Footage shows the blue hatchback parked near other vehicles on a driveway perpendicular to a main road in Thailand on August 5 just after 11.30am. 

Moments later, the hatchback slowly starts rolling backwards – straight past a vehicle parked by the side of the highway – and narrowly avoids colliding with a passing motorcyclist.

A hapless driver has parked their blue hatchback near a busy highway in Thailand – but forgets to put on the handbrake

Within moments, the small car starts rolling backwards onto the five-lane highway, which is filled with oncoming traffic

Incredibly, the hatchback avoids making contact with any other vehicles on the road during the incident on August 5 at 11.30am

By sheer luck, the next lane it reverses over is temporarily clear of oncoming traffic, but it then almost hits a small truck which is just inches away. 

The hatchback continues its hazardous journey and eventually bumps into the central reservation and comes to a stop.

At this point, a surprised motorist in the outside lane also stops, as fellow drivers slow down to take in the surreal scene.

A World Health Organization report in 2015 found that Thailand had the world’s second-highest rate of road fatalities per capita, surpassed only by Libya.

Eventually, the car winds up bumping into the central reservation without causing any collisions – as drivers slow down to gawp at the bizarre scene

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