Chilling bodycam footage captures fatal police shooting in Ohio hospital

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Dramatic bodycam video captured the moment police shot dead a 27-year-old black man after finding a gun in his waistband during a pat-down in an Ohio hospital emergency room.

The cops had been searching Miles Jackson at Mount Carmel St. Ann’s Hospital in Westerville, a suburb of Columbus, on Monday in preparation for a custody exchange over warrants he had out for his arrest.

Jackson — who had been found unconscious in a vehicle by first responders — began to struggle with officers Andrew Howe and Ryan Krichbaum after one of them discovered bullets and felt a gun in his crotch area, the Columbus Dispatch reported.

“Get his arm behind his back right now!” one officer shouts as the suspect yells, “You’re grabbing my balls, man!”

The struggle escalates as the officer yells for Jackson to give him his arm and to “let go.”

“I’m going to comply, man. I’m going to comply,” Jackson says.

The other officer then uses his stun gun on Jackson, who screams out in pain and falls to the ground before a shot is fired, the chilling video shows.

One officer then runs out of the room as the other points his handgun on the suspect and yells at him to put his hands on his head and drop the weapon.

At one point, Jackson tells the officers that he “dropped it” and says he’s scared to move because he doesn’t want to get shot, according to the footage.

An officer eventually uses a stun gun for a second time on Jackson before another shot can be heard and the cops apparently open fire and quickly call for a doctor.

Emergency room staff tried to revive Jackson, who was pronounced dead, authorities said. No officers, hospital staff or physicians were injured, officials said.

Jackson had apparently been brought to the hospital earlier, walked away and was later found passed out in a nearby bank parking lot.

Westerville officer Eric Everhart, who responded along with officer David Lammert, told Jackson that he was going to pat him down before he went into an ambulance, the Columbus Dispatch reported.

“I’m just going to pat you down real quick, make sure you ain’t got nothing on you, right, no weapons, nothing like that?” the officer said.

Jackson repeatedly asked for a cigarette, saying he had anxiety. He turned away and began asking questions about why he was being taken to the hospital.

The pat-down was not completed, the paper reported.

Once Jackson was in the ER, an officer briefly handcuffed his left hand to the hospital bed. A few minutes later, an officer removed the handcuff and began collecting Jackson’s property.

“You don’t have nothing sharp in your pockets, do you?” the officer asks. “Hopefully somebody would have caught that earlier.”

About a minute later, a bullet drops from Jackson’s pants.

“Uh oh. Got a little bullet action,” the officer says as he picks it up. “Don’t see people carrying those around every day.”

The officer then tells his partner to get Jackson’s arm around him. “He’s got a gun!” the officer yells out.

Over about three minutes, officers outside the room shouted multiple commands at Jackson to put his right hand over his head with his left hand.

“I’m just scared, guys! So if I move y’all not going to shoot me. They’re not going to shoot me?” Jackson says, adding he wasn’t going to do anything and that he was leaning on his right hand.

On Wednesday, Westerville Police Chief Charles Chandler placed the two cops who initially came into contact with Jackson — Everhart and Lammert, who are both white — on administrative leave.

He said “that if policy violations are found, there will be an appropriate level of accountability.”

In a statement, he said: “It is not customary to publicly report on personnel matters, but we are committed to transparency and fully understand the attention to this incident,”

Chandler added: “I have viewed the body camera footage from the initial contact with Miles Jackson and have concerns that warrant further review.”

It was unclear if Howe and Krichbaum will face any disciplinary action while the shooting is investigated.

Attorney General Dave Yost also is conducting an independent probe.

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