City removes Hells Kitchen homeless encampment and chickens

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The city swooped in to clear out a seedy sidewalk set-up in Hells Kitchen that included junkies shooting up and their feathered friends kept in a cage, just a day after it was revealed by The Post.

The homeless encampment was underneath scaffolding on West 56th between 9th and 10th avenues, and also featured a full clothes rack, suitcases, a couch, a small table and a chair.

One resident of the encampment who wouldn’t give her name, said the birds, a type of guinea fowl, were “chickens” she’d found in the subway.

Neighborhood residents had squawked that cops — and the city — allowed the unsightly encampment to fester for months.

Hell’s Kitchen activist Marisa Redanty marveled at the newly emptied site while out for a Sunday stroll, noting it was “clean as a whistle.”

“The entire area under the scaffolding was completely clear. Not a feather. I was gratified to know that the encampment was gone. Hey, The Post can be our watchdog from now on,” Redanty said.

Apparently, the city did not seize the birds, and they were carried away by the displaced denizens.

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