‘CNN Fire Fredo’: Curtis Sliwa demands Chris Cuomo’s ouster

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He wants Chris Cuomo’s career to sleep with the fishes.

Republican mayoral candidate Curtis Sliwa demanded Saturday that CNN axe its embattled anchor over the revelation that he had a secret role in the family’s political business — as a de facto aide to older brother Gov. Andrew Cuomo amid his mushrooming scandals.

“It’s Cuomo collusion at CNN,” Sliwa said outside the news network’s former Columbus Circle headquarters.

“Chris became the number-one promoter of his brother, domestically and internationally,” he charged.

“But when the truth came out, he took the oath of omerta.”

Sliwa, who has been needling the younger Cuomo brother as “Fredo” — the inept sibling in the Corleone family of “The Godfather” fame — for at least a decade, did so Saturday as well, as he spoke before about a dozen members of the Guardian Angels and a smattering of passersby.

“When Team Cuomo saw the walls closing in on them, they sought Chris as the consigliere as they hit the mattresses and stirred the marinara sauce,” Sliwa said.

“As consigliere, he chose his role. That’s why CNN must fire him.”

Sliwa and his crew passed out bumper stickers reading “CNN FIRE FREDO” to curious drivers — getting cabbies, a hot-dog vendor, and the owner of a Cadillac Escalade on board with the effort.

“We’re having a lot of fun with this,” he told The Post. “But even here on the Upper West Side, we’ve got a lot of people agreeing.”

Chris Cuomo apologized on air Thursday night for joining his brother’s aides in strategy sessions on Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s mounting political and sexual scandals — and advising him not to bow to “cancel culture.”

”This is no revelation,” he said. “I can be objective on just about any topic but not about my family.”

He was spotted in the Hamptons Friday, sporting a woke rainbow T-shirt celebrating gay pride and hefting a bottle of coconut water, as he boarded a helicopter heading into the city.

But even though CNN scolded Cuomo Thursday — calling his secret role “inappropriate” and “a mistake” — the network won’t take him to get whacked, saying in a statement that the anchor will face no disciplinary action.

Viewership of CNN’s “Cuomo Prime Time” dropped precipitously in recent months after Chris Cuomo announced he would no longer have his brother on the show for the powder-puff interviews he regularly conducted at the height of the coronavirus pandemic — and as Gov. Cuomo’s scandals spiraled.

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