Conservative rocker Ted Nugent blasts Joe Biden, calling him ‘painfully deranged’ and ‘the poster child for hypocrisy’ – The Sun

ROCKER Ted Nugent has spoken out about Joe Biden, dubbing the former Vice President "painfully deranged in a mental capacity" and the "poster child for hypocrisy."

Nugent was speaking on "Real News Insights," a campaign series for President Donald Trump hosted by the president's daughter-in-law, Lara Trump.

Nugent was asked his thoughts on how presumptive Democratic nominee Biden's "embrace of radical socialism would impact our freedom if, God forbid, he became president."

Nugent, 71, responded: "Well, let me also share the pulse of my fellow good Americans…. I'm gonna do a benefit concert and try and buy Joe Biden a syllable.

"This guy is not only painfully deranged in a mental capacity but much more egregious and dangerous than that, we believe that he's deranged on a spiritual level."

Nugent, who gained fame as the lead guitarist of the Amboy Dukes, went on to call Biden a poster child for "hypocrisy" and "political wind-reading," adding, "he literally will go with whatever pandering will serve his purpose on this day and then counter that pandering for this crew on that day."

Several polls have shown Biden leading Trump by double digits nationally, as well as losing six key battlefield states that he won in 2016.

But "polls be damned," Nugent said, pointing to the 2016 presidential race, when Hillary Clinton was a strong favorite to defeat Trump.

Nugent added, "there are polls, and then there are people that work very hard and maybe don't partake in those polls, but they show up at the rallies, they show up to support the president, they are supporting him [Trump] across the board."

Nugent, a resident of Detroit, has been a strong supporter of Trump and the Republican Party for many years.

In April 2017, he and fellow Detroit rocker Kid Rock spent time with the president in the Oval Office.

The pair were joined by former governor of Alaska Sarah Palin, who posted images of the group on social media.

Nugent said that it was salt-of-the-earth supporters like he and Kid Rock who had landed Trump the presidency.

Biden, Nugent said, represents the "deep state status quo."

And it is not the time Nugent has not seen eye-to-eye with the former Vice President – in 2013, the rocker wrote an open letter to Biden, offering his services to a newly-appointed commission to end gun violence.

Going against Democratic wishes, the TV star argued that banning automatic weapons is still not a viable option.

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