Coronavirus in NYC: Hospitalizations, ICU admissions are down, de Blasio says

Mayor Bill de Blasio delivered some good news in the city’s battle against coronavirus Friday, as he announced that intensive care unit admissions and hospitalizations for suspected COVID-19 are down.

People in ICUs for suspected coronavirus across the city’s public hospital system declined from 887 on Tuesday to 874 on Wednesday, while patients admitted to hospitals for the suspected bug also went down from 386 Tuesday to 326 on Wednesday, de Blasio said during a conference call with reporters.

The percentage of people tested who are positive for coronavirus also dropped citywide from 55 percent on Tuesday to 46 percent on Wednesday, the mayor said.

Those three indicators had previously increased.

“This was a good day,” de Blasio said in commenting on the news statistics. “Definite movement in the right direction.”

He added, “This is clearly a better set of indicators than what we saw over the last few days.”

Meanwhile, de Blasio also announced that a total of 10 new community testing sites will be opened in every borough starting next week with a combined capacity of 6,000 tests per week.

Testing at those sites — five of which will be run through the city’s public hospital system — will be reserved for elderly people with pre-existing conditions in low-income, largely immigrant neighborhoods across the Big Apple that have been hardest-hit by coronavirus.

“Now we’re focusing on groups of people in this city who have been hardest hit by this disease … We’re talking about folks in some of the lowest income communities,” the mayor explained, noting that those who got testing priority previously were hospital patients, hospital workers and first responders.

“This is a small beginning — an example of where we need to go — which is truly widespread testing,” de Blasio said.

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