Coronavirus: Vehicle use now at highest level since March 23

Drivers queue round the block for the only Burger King drive-through open in the UK as health chiefs warn ‘worrying’ data shows vehicle use is now at its highest since lockdown started

  • Official Number 10 statistics show that motor vehicle use is now at its highest level since March 23
  • Health chiefs have urged motorists not to go outside unless it is for necessities like food, medicine or exercise
  • There are growing fears if people do not stick to the lockdown rules there could be second coronavirus wave
  • Came as pictures showed motorists queueing round the block for only open Burger King drive-through in UK
  • Here’s how to help people impacted by Covid-19

Health chiefs today warned motor vehicle use is now at its highest point in more than a month amid growing signs Britons are tired of the coronavirus lockdown. 

Yvonne Doyle, director of heath protection for Public Health England, said the numbers relating to motorists on the UK’s roads were now higher than on March 23 when lockdown started. 

She said the statistics are ‘worrying’ as she urged people to only leave their homes for ‘necessities’ amid fears failure to stick to the rules could result in a second wave of the deadly disease. 

The new numbers, revealed at the daily Downing Street coronavirus press conference, came as motorists were pictured queueing for food at a recently reopened Burger King drive-through restaurant – the only one in the UK. 

Meanwhile, fellow fast food giant KFC has announced it will reopen another 80 branches for delivery as Britain continues to edge out of lockdown. 

Mororists were pictured queueing round the block at the only open Burger King drive-through site in the UK in Havant today 

Yvonne Doyle from Public Health England said increasing motor vehicle use was ‘worrying’ as she urged motorists to stay at home 

Motor vehicle use across the UK is now at its highest level since March 23 – the day on which coronavirus lockdown started

Speaking in Number 10, Ms Doyle said the latest government slide detailing transport use was ‘worrying’. 

‘This is a transport slide which shows the use of various forms of transport,’ she told the press conference. 

‘As we have seen up to now very dramatic falls in most modes but there has been an uptick in motor vehicles.

‘The message here really is that we are still passing through this peak and this use of motor vehicles is the highest working day use since March 23 and we really have to be vigilant that most people are making use efforts to stay at home and save lives and this is slightly worrying.

‘So please do stay at home, protect the NHS, save lives and go out for the necessities and the transport data will reflect that.’

The government’s lockdown rules state that people should only leave their home for one of four reasons: To get food supplies, medicine, to exercise or to get to work if they cannot work from home. 

There is growing evidence to suggest that some Britons have had enough of lockdown restrictions with more people also being seen in the nation’s parks than in previous weeks. 

Motorists were today pictured queueing round the block for the only open Burger King drive-through restaurant in the UK in Havant. 

Staff wearing PPE could be seen serving drivers. Their PPE included a mask and gloves over their standard Burger King uniform as they stood in their kiosk.  

The Burger King in Havant, Hants has opened it’s drive-thru to burger-craving customers today. The store, which opened at 12pm on the 29th April is the only store to have opened it’s drive-thru service.

Staff could be seen serving drivers with PPE on, which includes a mask and gloves over their standard Burger King uniform from the kiosk

Burger King has said it is trialling the reopened drive-through at the site with the view that more could reopen in the coming weeks.     

KFC has announced it is reopening another 80 of its branches for delivery. 

The fried chicken chain said 100 of its stores up and down the country will be able to bring orders to customers’ homes from next Monday.

Meanwhile, DIY retailer Wickes has revealed it will be reopening six stores with strict social distancing measures in place from tomorrow in Pudsey, Cheltenham, Preston, Sevenoaks, Cricklewood and Hailsham.

Phone data has also suggested Britons are making more journeys on the roads than they were a week ago.        

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