Coroner reveals TikTok star Adam Perkins, 24, died at L.A. home

Coroner reveals TikTok and Vine star Adam Perkins, 24, died at an L.A. home on April 11 but cause of death remains a mystery while autopsy is underway

  • Adam Perkins, 24, made his name on Vine with comical videos 
  • He was best known for one where he jokingly said: ‘Hey, welcome to Chilli’s!’ 
  • His twin brother Patrick revealed on Tuesday that he had died on April 11
  • Patrick did not reveal how he died and told fans to stop asking him 
  • The LA County Coroner’s Office confirmed Adam died at an LA residence 
  • An autopsy was scheduled to take place on Thursday April 15, the results of which will be made public when available 
  • Adam had just recorded a solo album which his twin brother has now released in his memory 
  • He studied music at NYU then lived briefly in Philadelphia before returning to LA 

Heart-breaking: Following the news of Adam’s death, many devastated fans flooded social media with their tributes (pictured in his final Instagram post)

The L.A. County Coroner’s office has revealed TikTok and Vine star Adam Perkins died on Sunday April 11 at an L.A. ‘residence’ – but the cause of his death remains unknown. 

Adam made his name on Vine with comedy videos and he was best known for one where he appeared in a bathroom mirror, enthusiastically saying: ‘Hi, welcome to Chilli’s’. 

His death was announced by his twin brother Patrick on social media. Patrick said he did not want to disclose how his brother had died. 

The pair grew up in California. Their father Lars is a tech entrepreneur who sold photography sharpening software to Google in 2004. Their mother Susan is a British actress. 

The family have property on the west coast, in L.A., and in Maine. It’s unclear where his relatives have been living recently, or if he was living alone. understands that police were called to the property where Adam died and that the unit that responded was the LAPD’s West L.A. branch, but no more detail has been given. 

His family are now mourning his death in part with thoughtful tributes on social media.

Patrick has now released an album that his brother had been working on before his death.  Adam studied music at NYU and graduated in 2019. 

His loving parents described him and his brother online as the light and pride of their lives. 

Lars, his father, is on the NASA Advisory Committee. The family seem to split their time now between Maine and L.A.  

After announcing his brother had passed away aged 24, Patrick shared a series of tributes on Instagram and among heartfelt best wishes from fans, he shot down questions about how Adam had died.   

‘Think I need to take this opportunity to explain something to you: if the cause of death is not released, there is a reason…

‘There is intention in every part of this. Please respect both of us by not asking that question… not sure how it’s not obvious that I didn’t say for a reason. Everything in this is intentional. Please respect that,’ he said. 

Adam’s twin brother Patrick announced his death on Instagram then shot down fans who asked how he had died 

Patrick’s messages to fans came before he shared a heartbreaking tribute to his sibling on Wednesday.

To the tune of Joni Mitchell’s 1976 hit Coyote, from his favourite album Hejira, the late online sensation was seen larking around while filming, having his haircut, driving, petting a dog and many more candid moments from their life. 

He added a caption on the heartbreaking video reading: ‘Adam Perkins 1997 – forever and ever. I love you my brother. Always.’

Tragic news: He added a caption on the heartbreaking video reading: ‘Adam Perkins 1997 – forever and ever. I love you my brother. Always’

The Boston-born star’s twin confirmed the news on Instagram, as he revealed the star had died on April 11 but did not disclose any cause of death.

Beneath the touching video, Adam’s fans penned: ‘My heart hurts. What a huge part of my youth your brothers vines were rest in peace… 

‘Sending my condolences to you and your family… Life just doesn’t feel real anymore lately, sorry for your loss… One last time as a tribute “Hi welcome to chilli’s!’

As well as having thousands of TikTok followers, Adam was also known for an iconic clip on the social media site Vine which saw him parody an advert for the American restaurant chain Chili’s. 

In his announcement, Patrick penned: ‘My brother, Adam Perkins, passed away this previous Sunday, 4-11-21. 

‘I can’t even really put into words what this loss means for me. I’m often asked the question, ”what’s it like to be a twin?’ and my response is usually, ‘what’s it like to NOT be a twin?”…

‘Being a twin is a very central part of my identity. it’s all i’ve known. and i’m struggling to find the words to explain what it will be like for me to live in this world without him. my best friend.

‘In his honor, I will be releasing his album ‘Latch Relay’ on a limited edition vinyl. it will be the first release on Plas Teg Records (@plas.teg), a label that will seek to fulfill his musical destiny that was so tragically cut short.

‘I love you, my best friend Adam. 1997-forever.’  

Following the news of Adam’s death, many devastated fans flooded social media with their tributes and offered their sympathies to Patrick. 

One wrote: ‘My heart aches for you Patrick. I’ve been fans of both of you for years, sending love and strength,’ while another added: ‘I’m so sorry, thinking of you.’

A third penned: ‘So deeply sorry man… sending so much love,’ with one also writing: ‘I can’t believe this I’m so so sorry.’

One fan also wrote: ‘Unbelievavbly tragic. Sorry for your indescribable loss,’ while another commented: ‘I’m so so so sorry 🙁 in my thoughts forever and ever.’ 

‘I love you and Adam to the moon and beyond and to say I’m heartbroken is a huge understatement. I will cherish all the incredible hilarious memories we made together forever,’ one of Patrick’s followers wrote in a moving tribute.

Adam’s ex-boyfriend Kelton Elliott also took to social media to pen a lengthy tribute, along with a gallery of snaps from their relationship.

He wrote: ‘This past weekend my forever best friend and ex-boyfriend passed, and I’ve been devastated. We spent almost every day and night in 2020 and 2021 together in our little home until I temporarily relocated to Oregon. 

‘We were there for each other during the hardest year of our lives. I could and have talked about him for hours, but I’m just saying one thing right now: Me and him discussed how we’d want to be remembered after we died, and he said he’d like to be remembered for his art, his music. 

‘The second slide is a screenshot of Redwood Reverie, the track on Spotify he most liked sharing with his coworkers and friends. It’s from his 2018 album Latch Relay, and it’s one of my favorite songs of his along with The Engine and Arms Akimbo. 

‘Last week he was working on more to release. Give his music a listen, and know that the artist was loved so so so much. The link in my bio takes you to his Spotify.’

While he boasted over 19,000 followers on TikTok, Adam was most well-known for a 2015 viral clip on the now-defunct social media site Vine. 

Devastating: Adam’s ex-boyfriend Kelton Elliott also took to social media to pen a lengthy tribute, along with a gallery of snaps from their relationship

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