Couple kept £55k lotto ticket in safe for 8 months despite KNOWING they had won

A couple in Australia kept a winning lotto ticket in safe for eight months, despite KNOWING they had won.

The pair from New South Wales only came forward to collect the £55,000 prize money on Wedneday, claiming they wanted to ‘let the news sink in.’

The original Lucky Lotteries Super Jackpot draw took place on August 10 last year.

The couple hadn't registered their ticket and therefore couldn't be contacted by The Lotto company in order to receive the life-changing news.

However, they have claimed that they knew all about the win since that fateful day.

They said: 'We've kept it in a safe ever since that day! We planned to just let the news sink in before we claimed the prize.”

'For us, it's like a million dollars, so we wanted to be sensible with our prize and make sure we used it wisely.”

They added: “All of our money stress has completely disappeared, which is amazing for us.”

The Maclean couple said that they now plan to use the money sensibly by paying off bills and helping their family. 

We have a few bills we want to pay first,' the winning woman explained.

“Then we both want to help our families and there are a few things the kids need.

“The rest we want to keep in the bank for a rainy day.”

The Super Jackpot is normally drawn once a day and occurs each morning at the NSW Lotteries offices.

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