Cuomo says NY businesses can deny entrance to those without masks

No shirt, no shoes, no mask, no service.

New York businesses will have the right to deny entrance to those who refuse to wear a mask or other face-covering under an executive order Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Thursday.

“We’re giving the store owners the right to say, ‘If you’re not wearing a mask, you can’t come in,’ ” said Cuomo in a press briefing at the Madison Square Boys and Girls Club in Flatbush, Brooklyn. “That store owner has a right to protect the other patrons in that store.

“You don’t want to wear a mask? Fine. But you don’t have a right to then go into that store if that store owner doesn’t want you to.”

Though it took him a while to come around, Cuomo last month signed another executive order mandating that New Yorkers must cover up when heading into areas outside their own homes in which social-distancing would prove difficult.

He also championed masks earlier this week as “cool,” and Thursday announced that Chris Rock and Rosie Perez would be partnering with the state to promote masks along with testing and social distancing, with Rock saying that Brooklyn in particular could use a reminder.

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