Da Vinci Code author Dan Brown hits back at ex-wife after she accuses him of ‘lavishing their money on mistresses’

THE Da Vinci Code author Dan Brown has hit back at his ex-wife after she accused him of lavishing their money on several mistresses.

Brown is countersuing his ex-wife Blythe, alleging the lawsuit she filed against him was designed “to humiliate” him.

Blythe, whose divorce from Brown was finalized last December, filed a lawsuit in June claiming he “secretly siphoned” huge chunks of their money “to conduct sordid, extra-marital affairs.”

Brown has now told Daily Mail that her lawsuit was written “with no regard for the truth.”

“It was designed to humiliate me, to ruin my personal life, ruin my professional life. That was the whole purpose,” he said.

Blythe’s lawsuit paints herself as a supportive wife who helped her writer husband become the literary star he is today — and even contributed the premise of the Da Vinci Code.

Blythe accused Brown of having affairs with various women including his Dutch horse trainer, and a hairdresser he admitted to going on a few dates with to Daily Mail.

But Brown also made his own bombshell accusation, claiming Blythe told him after a 2013 speech: “It turns my stomach to watch you on stage. I no longer recognize who you are.'”

The 56-year-old author also alleged the marriage “was really over a long time ago” but also defended the time the two spent married.

“We were great for a long time together, but we just evolved separately, which people do. I'm just sorry that we couldn't part ways with love and that it turned into this,” he said.

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