Delight as salons are set to reopen on July 4

‘Haircut and then a socially distanced pint to celebrate!’ Delight as salons are set to reopen on July 4 while rest of the beauty industry waits for the green light – so how will post lockdown treatments work?

  • PM Boris Johnson is expected to say on Tuesday that pubs, restaurants, hotels and hairdressers can reopen
  • The moves will be part of package aimed at restarting the crippled economy following coronavirus lockdown 
  • Brits on social media shared their delight at the news and plans to get a haircut and go to their local pub 
  • Here’s how to help people impacted by Covid-19

Brits have reacted with delight as nail bars, salons and pubs are finally set to open on July 4 – but hairdressers are already facing waiting lists of four months.

After a lockdown of unruly hair, chipped nails and a distinct lack of pint at your local pub, the government is set to announce the opening of a number of key businesses.

The Prime Minister is expected to say on Tuesday that the hospitality sector can reopen and will clarify if the two-metre social distancing rule can be relaxed.

Boris Johnson will  discuss the proposed changes with the Covid-19 strategy committee on Monday afternoon, attended by chief scientific adviser Sir Patrick Vallance and chief medical officer for England Professor Chris Whitty.

He will then outline plans to Parliament for pubs, restaurants, hotels and hairdressers to reopen in England, and a possible loosening of the distancing guidance to boost the economic restart.  

On Sunday, the PM said the progress made in the fight against coronavirus during three months of lockdown mean ‘it will be possible to open up more’. 

The news has gone down well on social media, as people prepare to tame their wild hair, get their nails done, and relax with friends at the pub (at a social distance). MailOnline has revealed what your trip to these soon to open businesses could look like…


One of the most sought after businesses Brits want to reopen is hairdressers so people can sort out their unruly hair.

Appearing on Sky News today stylist James Johnson, from Kent, said it was going to be ‘so busy for us’ with an expected backlog of people wanting to get a trim, and that it would be ‘first come first served’.

He said: ‘Our main priority is making sure our clients are safe, as long as we are safe as well. I think it’s overdue and I think financially we are all ready to go back, there has got to be a point where we’ve got to get the money coming in and paying our bills.’

On keeping clean in the coronavirus era, he added: ‘As a member of the beauty industry our standards of cleanliness are already very high. It’s just reinforcing that we are keeping it super clean, super disinfected. Obviously we will have to wear gloves and masks, maybe even aprons, and keep things in terms of contact to a minimal. ‘

When people do make it back into the hairdresser it will be a different experience to pre-pandemic.  These fascinating photographs offer a glimpse into hair appointments of the future – featuring gloves and masks for all staff, protective screens at the reception desk and floor markings to ensure social distancing.

Gatsby & Miller in Amersham, Buckinghamshire – one of the 25,000 UK salon partners of beauty giant L’Oreal created a blueprint for the sector last month.

Dawn Montgomery acts as a client and senior colourist Laren Roads acts as a hair stylist in Amersham, Buckinghamshire

One of Britain’s first hairdressers ready for reopening is the Gatsby & Miller in Amersham, which will feature Perspex screens

All staff at the salon will have to wear a face mask and gloves, while customers will be asked to wear a mask during their visit

This includes a digital screen in the window to display important reminders about social distancing, and clients being welcomed by one mask-wearing stylist who will stay with them for their visit via a one-way system.

All staff will be wearing gloves and masks which will be changed throughout the day, while customers will be also asked to wear a mask during the appointment and hand sanitiser dispensers will be provided for their use.

Photographs taken by MailOnline inside the salon show a demonstration of the new salon, with Dawn Montgomery acting as a client and senior colourist Lauren Roads being the hair stylist. 

The National Hair and Beauty Federation released a set of guidelines last month to help businesses prepare themselves for reopening. 

It suggested walk-in salons switch to an appointment-only system, or offer timed tickets to allow customers to ‘reserve’ their slot and return at the designated time.

To reduce the amount of time a customer spends in the chair, salons have been advised to trial online consultations where they will be able to discuss the treatment. 

Floor markings will keep customers socially distanced during their appointment at the hair salon in Amersham

Dawn Montgomery acts as a client to show how customers will pay for their appointments – with no cash accepted

Lauren Roads prepares for work as she puts on a pair of gloves to help reduce the risk of spreading the virus at the salon

Clients will be welcomed by one mask-wearing stylist who will stay with them for their visit via a one-way system

Clients in the building will be asked to ‘please clean your hands with sanitiser when entering and leaving the salon’

Another sign at the products aisle asks customers to ask a stylist to assist them – and to not touch anything themselves

‘This could be done before your salon or barbershop is fully open for business. This also gives you an opportunity to talk to clients about safety measures you’re taking to protect them and your team and to establish if an allergy alert test is needed.’

Any discussions that take place in person should be kept ‘to a minimum’ and be conducted via the mirror while standing behind the client.

‘You can lower the risk of infection by standing side-by-side rather than facing people,’ the document continues.

Nail Salons and Beauty Salons

The British Beauty Council has released guidelines for the beauty industry in preparation for a possible re-opening early next month. 

When you first step foot back into your favourite nail bar you’ll be expected to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds before the appointment, use a nail brush, and apply some sanitiser.

You won’t be allowed to use the waiting area and will be informed by the nail bar about the relevant hygiene rules in that specific establishment.


Nail technicians wearing face masks and gloves perform manicure and pedicure for their clients in a beauty salon after reopening in Moscow on June 13

A number of nail bars or salons may want to extend the opening times to allow extra time for additional cleaning and to space out appointment times. 

Customers could also be expected to bring a mask with them, and when not being seen during an appointment to leave the salon. 

The nail bar and salon should also have posters and signs encouraging hand washing or reminders to use anti-bacterial gel to prevent the spread of infection. 

As part of the suggested guidance, the representative body advises any worker to turn up 15 minutes prior to starting to help cleaning the work environment. 

Nail technicians are advised to use gloves when working and wear PPE, including masks and an apron. 

Card payments and advance payment will be used, and in common with many other businesses, cash is not likely to be accepted.

If the card machine is used it needs to be sanitised. On nails specifically, no one should wait for nail polish to dry inside the area but should leave.

There is unlikely to be walk-in appointments, and you will not be able to bring a friend with you. 


A relaxing weekend at a Spa is also set to look a lot different according to the guidelines released by the British Beauty Council.

This includes card payments only and PPE for all staff and guests who want to use the facilities. 

Other things that have been suggested include managing communal/waiting areas and utilising floor markings to encourage social distancing.

There could also be strict management of communal areas such as locker rooms, the implementation of hand sanitising stations and floor markings to encourage social distancing throughout.

A shot of a young woman receiving a beauty treatment with a mask at a spa. 

Andrew Stembridge, executive director of Iconic Luxury Hotels, which manages a collection of hotels and spas including Chewton Glen in Hampshire, previously told The Independent:  ‘The consultation process will be undertaken prior to arrival and will now include an additional health check relative to any symptoms the guest may have versus ongoing conditions or health issues’. 

To make sure the treatments take place safely both employees and a number of spas will ask staff and guests to wear masks. 

Some may even use ‘foggers’ to sanitise the air, and any duvets or blankets used will have to be regularly changed.

Botox Clinics

As with many businesses in the beauty industry booking your appointment in advance is key.

When you arrive you’ll be asked to ring the business in order to be let in, but may have to wait outside until you are ready to go inside to respect social distancing.

You’ll be expected to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds and then wear a mask until it is time to have your procedure. Your temperature will also be checked so to ensure you don’t have Covid-19 symptoms.

In the waiting room there will only ever be three patients at a time to respect social distancing and markings on the floor will indicated how far away you should be.

Cleanliness is key in the industry anyway but everything will be cleaned and sterilised before each new person has s treatment.

Like hairdressers and nail salons, card payment will be utilised rather than handing over cash. 

Workers at the clinics will be wearing PPE, including an apron, face shield and hair net.

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