Disney dad Anthony Todt said his kids were at a sleepover on day cops found their deformed and ‘black-as-leather’ bodies – The Sun

'KILLER' Disney dad Anthony Todt claimed his wife was sleeping and his children were at a sleepover when authorities arrived at the family home and found their badly decomposed bodies.

The corpses of wife Megan, sons Aleksander and Tyler and daughter Zoe, were "black as leather" and so deformed from weeks of decay that they could not even make a guess as to cause of death.

Todt, 44, is currently behind bars awaiting trial next month after waving his right to a preliminary hearing.

He is facing the death penalty after being charged with the murders of wife Megan, sons Aleksander and Tyler and daughter Zoe.

The former physical therapist initially confessed to the murders in the wake of his arrest according to Osceola County Sheriff Russ Gibson.

He then entered a plea of not guilty just days later at his arraignment.

Three agents from the Department of Health and Human Services brought Todt in back in January.

The Sun has obtained the interviews all three gave to police that morning, revealing the horrific scene inside the family’s Florida home.

The lead agent on the case, Melissa O’Neal, explained in her interview that the team was doing some basic surveillance to assist their Boston field office.

“The plan was, we were going to do some surveillance, take our photos and rally with the two guys who were coming down from Connecticut,” explained Agent O’Neal.

Agents from that region were flying down to arrest Todt for health care fraud that morning, but there was concern because he and his family had not been seen for weeks.

However, two hours into their stakeout, one of the agents, Jim Nguyen, saw Todt walk out in his porch wearing shorts and a t-shirt.

Agent Nguyen then radioed to the team that he had been spotted, at which point the third agent, Michael Phelps, moved in to keep watch over Todt.

The group’s supervisor then suggested a new plan, which ultimately fell apart.

“If he was on front porch we were going to grab him,” explained Agent O’Neal.

“I called [back-up police] units when he went back in [the house]. We wanted to get some marked units because we didn’t know if the kids would be alone and we would have a DCS problem.”

Agent Phelps recounted to police that when Todt walked inside he noticed that the man could barely stand or walk, and was convulsing with each step.

Phelps was the first into the house that day.

“We knocked and no one came to the the door. Mike tried the door, the door was unlocked and mike popped it open,” recalled O’Neal.

“And we could hear mumbling from inside the house. It sounded like it was from the top of the stairs.”

That is when they laid eyes on Todt, who Agent Phelps said was wearing just underwear and a shirt.

“He was still mumbling and needing a lot if assistance to get down, but saying don’t touch him because he would fall,” O’Neal said of Todt.

“It took him a long time to get down the stairs."

Once he was down, the agents immediately asked him were Megan and the children were, having seen no sign of them in the house.

“He said Megan was upstairs sleeping and he also called for her, like she was alive,” said O’Neal.

“We asked where are the children, and he said: ‘I don’t know, I can’t remember if they went to a sleepover last night.'"

Phelps then sat with Todt while the other searched for bodies, noting he had no choice as he had brought only one pair of handcuffs with him and Todt was so large he required two to be restrained.

A deputy accompanied O’Neal upstairs, where the two immediately made the harrowing discovery.

“We went upstairs to check for Megan and the children because we had called for her too and obviously there was no answer.

“The door of the master bedroom was open.’

She quickly realized there were multiple bodies in the room.

“I could see feet, and you could tell it was somebody who was deceased,” said O’Neal.

“You cook see the buttocks of another person”

The deputy then found Megan underneath the sheets, but they could not find the youngest child, Zoe.

O’Neal said she ran out of the room to ask Todt where she could find his daughter.

Todt suggested she was sleeping or in another room, leading the deputy to kick down a door in his search.

She was eventually found with the rest of the family.

“We went back in the master bedroom, and she’s so little. She’s only like three or four,” said O’Neal.

“There's another little blanket at the foot of the bed … Zoe’s there, at the foot of the bed, underneath blankets.”

Todt was the taken outside, at which point he suggested that he tried to overdose on Benadryl.

The agent left then too so the crime scene investigators could look over the evidence and examine the bodies.

“We saw a knife on the windowsill. One of your deputies said they saw vomit,” recalled O’Neal of the scene.

Then she described the victims.

“So, the bodies are black, like, as black as this [points to leather],” explained O’Neal.

“It looked like there was deformation but he didn’t know if it was overdose cause there was vomit or stabbing because the bodies are so far gone.”

She later stressed this again stating: “The boys’ bodies are black as leather.”

There was one victim the agents missed however, though O’Neal did warn officers.

“There’s also a dog,” said said at the end of her interview.

“So there may be another deceased.”

She also noted that she and the agents were set to rendezvous with the two individuals who flew down to arrest Todt.


Their plane landed that morning around the same time Todt was taken into custody and sent to receive medical attention before being booked into jail.

They were sitting in the parking lot of a nearby Publix waiting to hear if O’Neal and her team had managed to locate Todt or any members of his family.

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