Donald Trump Jr claims debate is 'rigged' against the president to 'help Biden beat him'

DONALD Trump Jr claimed the next presidential debate is "rigged" against President Donald Trump to "help Joe Biden beat him."

Trump Jr's tweet on Friday came ahead of the debate – which is set to be held virtually on October 15 and moderated by C-Span political editor Steve Scully.

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The tweet follows critics questioning Scully and calling his objectivity into question, as the political editor tweeted at former Trump staffer Anthony Scaramucci and it was revealed he reportedly worked as an intern for Biden.

"Yeah guys the debate commission isn’t rigged against Trump," Trump Jr tweeted sarcastically on Friday.

The president's son's claim came as he shared an article from Fox News, detailing how Scully tweeted to ex-Trump staffer Anthony Scaramucci, asking if he should "respond to trump."

Some have called Scully's objectivity into question over the now-deleted tweet, as Scaramucci is now an avid critic of Trump.

It also recently surfaced that Scully reportedly worked as an intern for Biden in 1978.

A biography published by George Washington University said that Scully worked for the then-Delaware senator for one month.

As red flags were raised by some over whether the journalist can remain objective, others have called for a different moderator.

"Are you kidding me. Steve Scully the former Biden intern and moderator of the next debate thinks he’s DMing… but he’s doing it out loud," Trump Jr wrote of Scully's tweet to Scaramucci.

"Yea, totally not a setup. Journalism is dead," he claimed.

When it was revealed the debate would be held virtually following Trump's coronavirus diagnosis, the president claimed he would not take part.

"I'm not going to waste my time doing a virtual debate," the president told Fox News this week.

Trump's campaign suggested they would hold a rally instead – but not if the president was still contagious.

His campaign has tried to see if the second debate may be moved to October 22 instead, and the third debate pushed back another week to October 29.

Biden's campaign, meanwhile, has rejected the idea of moving debate dates.

Instead, Biden's campaign have planned to hold a virtual rally if Trump will not take part in the debate.

Trump Jr's claim over the debates being "rigged" comes as he shared a post slamming CNN, in which it was claimed the outlet was "making excuses" for Kamala Harris at the vice Presidential debate on Tuesday "because she's a woman."

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