Double murder suspect 'strangled two women and hid bodies in freezer for 3 YEARS – using air freshener to hide smell'

A DOUBLE murder suspect strangled two women and hid their bodies in a freezer for three year, a court heard today.

Zahid Younis allegedly strangled and stamped the tragic pair to death before using air freshener to mask the smell of their bodies.

Hungarian Henriett Szucs, 34, vanished after moving in with him and was last seen alive in the summer of 2016.

And Mihrican Mustafa, 38, had been visiting Younis, 35, at his home in Canning Town, east London, before she disappeared in May 2018.

The accused was arrested after allegedly telling a WhatsApp group he "wanted to get rid of" a woman, and the grim discovery of the two bodies later made.

The corpses of the women were discovered together in a small chest freezer at his home in a police search on April 27, last year, Southwark Crown Court heard.

They had both suffered appalling injuries including multiple broken ribs and Ms Mustafa's sternum and larynx were also fractured.

The alleged killer bought the freezer for the "sole purpose" of hiding Ms Szcucs' body after the brutal killing on or before 11 November 2016, it was said.

The jury heard a workman saw the alleged killer spraying air freshener around the freezer when he was called to the address to turn the power back on, the court heard.

Younis was said to be "concerned" when his electricity was cut causing the freezer to turn off.


He answered the door to an engineer holding a can of cleaning spray in April 2016 – weeks before the bodies were found, the court heard.

First alleged victim Ms Szucs kept a diary while she stayed with Younis, detailing the violent ordeals he subjected her to, jurors were told.

The remains of pyjamas were found on her body when it was recovered from the freezer, suggesting she had been sleeping at the address when she died, it was said.

She fell into the clutches of the alleged killer after leaving an abusive relationship, and he had soon cut her off from her friends and family, the court heard.

Two years after Ms Szucs disappeared, Younis told a WhatsApp group he "wanted to get rid of" a woman in his home before hiding Ms Mustafa's body in the freezer, the court heard.

The prosecution said Younis messaged friends on the social media platform complaining about a "girl in his flat who wouldn't leave" in May 2018.

He hung a heap of laundry on washing lines outside and had his carpets removed at around the same time, prosecutors claim.

A post-mortem on the mother-of-three revealed she had likely been strangled and stamped on, the court heard.

In due course, with a crowbar, the officer forced the lid of the freezer and he made a very grim discovery indeed.

Prosecutor Duncan Penny, QC, said: "On the morning of 27 April, 2019, police officers attended a one bedroom ground floor flat in Canning Town.

"In that cupboard one of the police officers noticed a small chest freezer.

"He noticed that this lockable freezer was locked and that there were flies forming around the freezer and that items including a zimmer type frame had been stacked on top of the freezer.

"In due course, with a crowbar, the officer forced the lid of the freezer and he made a very grim discovery indeed.

"Contained within that small chest freezer were the remains of two women."

The prosecutor said Younis was "closely connected" to both victims in the weeks leading up to their deaths.

He added: "His immediate response to being apprehended was to say to the police officers who detained him 'It's my house, it's my problem. No one else is involved'."

Today Younis left the dock claiming he felt unwell after the jury entered court today and was led down to the cells.

Younis, from London, denies two counts of murder.

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