Dozens of looters arrested after night of mayhem in NYC

Dozens of suspected looters were arrested in Soho Sunday night as protests over the death of George Floyd descended into chaos.

A group of 12 people were busted by cops outside Nike Soho on Broadway as a number of high-end boutiques — and even a Bloomingdale’s department store — were looted overnight Sunday.

A man was also shot in Soho near Spring and Crosby streets early Monday about at 12:30 a.m. It was not immediately clear if the shooting was related to the surrounding looting.

Shortly after the shooting at the same intersection, a Post reporter witnessed the arrest of a man driving a silver Mercedes Benz sedan.

With their guns drawn, cops commanded the man to “Put the car in park. Get the f–k out right now!”

A witness to some of the looting mayhem on Greene Street said the suspects appeared to have a system, where one group would breach the stores as others lie in wait outside in getaway rides.

“The looters have been going systemically from store to store,” the witness said. “They had people go in, grab the [items]. Then had people on Revel [scooters] take off. It was hundreds of people.”

Warning: Graphic language

Outside of Nike Soho, police had stopped a car filled with a box of merchandise, including something from Gucci — which was among one of several luxury stores looted in the neighborhood.

Early Monday, several young men were seen being escorted by police outside of Gucci’s Wooster street location with their hands zip-tied behind their backs.

They were then placed into a police van parked outside the store.

Police also arrested at least five suspected looters outside of Bloomingdale’s on Broadway.

Many of the suspected looters being apprehended by police early Monday morning appeared to be young males.

Before dawn, the streets were still littered with looted goods. Broken glass was scattered across the pavement.

While other neighborhoods in Manhattan and in Brooklyn were also targeted by looters Sunday night, Soho appeared to be the worst hit.

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