Drunk ex-soldier & pal told Jet2 crew 'you're gonna f***ing get it' after being denied Champagne in '1 drink' rule

A DRUNK ex-soldier told Jet2 cabin crew "you're gonna f***ing get it" after being denied a bottle of Champagne under a “one-drink” rule.

Daniel Naylor, 29, and pal Daniel Keigher, 32, unleashed a torrent of abuse in front of other passengers at 30,000 feet when staff refused their plea for the bubbly and a glass of brandy.

Former Afghanistan veteran Naylor also grabbed one cabin crew member in a bear hug whilst joiner Keigher who asked for brandy repeatedly told staff to "'f*** off.'"

Both were arrested when their Jet2 flight from Krakow, Poland, touched down in Manchester at 10pm on September 28 this year.

At the city's magistrates court, Naylor and Keigher both admitted being drunk on an aircraft and each were jailed for 18 weeks and slapped with a year-long ban from the airline.

Prosecutor Paul Sumner said: “Cabin crew had made the decision to only serve one alcoholic drink to every passenger on board but this became an issue for Mr Naylor who wanted two drinks.

“He was told he could only have one but he asked for a bottle of champagne. This was refused.

“Mr Keigher then asked a member of cabin crew for a brandy but this was also refused. As a result he became aggressive and shouted ‘f**** off.'”

Mr Sumner added that the crew had asked Naylor for his passport details to ban him from further travel with the airline once the plane landed – but he started swearing at them.

He continued: “Mr Naylor then sat up and took hold of a crew member and gave him a ‘bear hug’. The crew member said his behaviour was inappropriate.”

The pair were later arrested on arrival, after Naylor repeatedly refused to hand over his passport to the cabin crew. 

In a statement to police one of the crew members said: “Disruptive passengers disrupt my ability to carry out my primary role ensuring passengers’ safety.

“I should not have to come to work to be sworn at and insulted in such an aggressive way.’’

In mitigation for Naylor and Keigher, defence lawyer Emma Hassall said the pair were “extremely remorseful”, but admitted their “behaviour went too far”. 

Sentencing, District Judge Bernard Begley told the two men: “Your conduct was loutish, terrifying for passengers and disruptive to the job of cabin crew in tending to the safety of the flight.”

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