Drunk Russian man lights fireworks INSIDE his apartment block on NYE

That’s one way to celebrate! Moment drunk man lights fireworks INSIDE his apartment block on NYE – before he wanders into street and they explode in his hands

  • A man in Khabarovsk, Russia, set off New Year’s Eve fireworks inside his house
  • When the pyrotechnics exploded in his hands, the man was unfazed and went outside
  • He then casually set the box of fireworks down near parked cars and strolled off

This is the perilous moment that a drunk man lit fireworks inside his apartment block on New Year’s Eve – before wandering into the street as they explode in his hands.

The man in Khabarovsk, in eastern Russian, starts the security camera footage by stumbling while trying and failing to light the pyrotechnics.

After several attempts, he manages to light the fuse before nonchalantly picking up the box of fireworks intending to take them outside.

The box begins to explode as he leaves the room unflinchingly before the footage cuts to a shot of the outside where the man puts the box down and walks away casually.

The man in Khabarovsk was inexplicably trying to light fireworks initially in his apartment block

The incident was potentially a late New Year’s celebration, taking place a 2am on January 1. 

Russian police are investigating the incident according to the federal Ministry of Internal Affairs.

A resident in the block of apartments told local media: ‘We have a common house chat.

The man eventually nonchalantly made his way outside of his house and set the box down near several parked cars 

Even as the pyrotechnics exploded in his hands, the man still appeared to be unfazed

Russian police have said they are investigating the disturbance and will make a decision on how to proceed when the check is complete

‘One of our neighbors was the first to notice what had happened, she wrote an alarming SMS with a request to do something, since [fireworks] were fired in the man’s hands right at the parked cars nearby.

He also noted that police officers and emergency workers lived in the block.

A Ministry of Internal Affairs statement said: ‘On the fact of the launch of New Year’s pyrotechnics by an unknown citizen in the entrance and in the courtyard of a residential building, officers of the police department No. 3 of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in Khabarovsk are conducting a check.

‘Measures are being taken to establish the identity of the man depicted in the video. 

‘At the end of the check, a legal and well-grounded procedural decision will be made.’

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