Dundee student party leaves 36 people Covid-19 positive

Student party in Dundee is linked to major Covid outbreak as 36 revellers test positive

  • Dundee University students held a party on March 14 at an off-campus flat 
  • Public health officials have linked 36 positive Covid-19 cases to the event 
  • Figures show 34 out of the 36 positive cases are students at Dundee University 
  • College officials and public health workers are tracking down any close contacts 

A large student party in Dundee has been linked to an outbreak of 36 Covid-19 infections. 

Public health officials traced the outbreak to a superspreader event held in student accommodation just a short distance from the college’s campus.  

Tests have shown that 34 of the 36 people infected by the event are students at Dundee University. 

Public health officials are investigating a major outbreak of Covid-19 which is being linked to a party held by students of the University of Dundee on March 14. Some 36 people have been infected by the super spreader event which took place in a flat near the college’s campus, file photo

A major test and trace operation has been launched as public health workers try and track down anyone who was at the party or is a close contact of those infected by Covid-19

Professor Iain Gillespie, principal and vice-chancellor of Dundee University said: ‘We are deeply concerned by this outbreak of cases among some of our students, which has been linked to a gathering in a private residence in the city’s Springfield area.

‘We are working with NHS colleagues to manage the situation and hopefully prevent further spread of the virus.

‘We will support any students affected and are urging all those who may be contacted by test-and-trace to fully engage with that process.

‘We have been constantly reminding all students of the need to follow all of the COVID guidelines, particularly around social gathering and the limits which are in place for us all, and we have issued further strong reminders in light of this outbreak, with the support of the Students’ Association.’

It comes just a few days after the university emailed all students about a spike in cases.

As many as 200 people were also seen celebrating St Patrick’s Day in the sun at Magdalen Green on Wednesday.

A multiagency Incident Management Team (IMT) is now working with the university to prevent further spread of the virus.

Dr Kirsty Licence, public health consultant and chair of the IMT said: ‘A number of students who have tested positive for Covid-19, and their close contacts are self-isolating.

‘Contact tracing is continuing and it is really important that all students who have been identified as close contacts, and anyone who develops symptoms, self-isolates and books a PCR test as soon as possible.

‘I would also urge students who test positive to provide information about all their recent contacts when called by Test and Protect.

‘This information will help our contact tracing efforts to track and limit the spread of the virus.

‘We are continuing to work closely with our colleagues to respond to this situation and to ensure there is support in place for students should they need it.’

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