Elizabethan house that inspired Beatrix Potter is for sale for £1m

Beautiful Elizabethan manor house that inspired Beatrix Potter to write The Tale of Pigling Bland and brings in £112,000 a year in holiday rents is for sale for £1m

  • Hardcragg Hall belonged to the Townley family who was friends with beloved children’s author Beatrix Potter
  • The house is 400 years old as it was built in 1563 and is the oldest property in Grange-over-Sands in Cumbria
  • It is currently used as a self-catering guest house which is let out to holiday makers every weekend of the year 

Beatrix Potter often frequented this gorgeous house that inspired a character in her children’s book The Tale of Pigling Bland. 

Hardcragg Hall, on the market for £1million, was built in 1563 and is believed to be the oldest house in Grange-over-Sands in Cumbria.     

The 400-year-old house was owned by the Townley family of whom Beatrix Potter was a family friend and often visited them in the house.

This beautiful house, that was often visited by Beatrix Potter, is the oldest house in Grange-over-Sands in Cumbria, UK, as it was built in 1563

There are statues all over house as an ode to Beatrix Potter’s beloved characters. It is believed she was inspired by the house for her character Pigling Bland in The Tale of Pigling Bland

This lovely, classical sitting room has a bar and a massive fire place. Although The children’s author did not live in this 400-year-old house, it was owned by the Townley family who Beatrix Potter was friends with

Pictured: One of the house’s seven bedrooms. The house also has six bathrooms, a sitting room, reception hall, drawing room, library, dining room, kitchen, cellar and snooker room

She took inspiration from the property for her illustrations in The Tale of Pigling Bland. It is believed that the character of Pigling Bland originated from a pig Beatrix met on her visits to the hall.

Other famous visitors to the hall include Oliver Cromwell who used it as a place to rest during military excursions. The famous Ironmaster John Wilkinson once lived at Hardcragg Hall. 

John Wilkinson was known for sailing the first iron-built boat and fashioning the cannon that was used by Wellington to defeat Napoleon at Waterloo in 1815.

The property boasts seven bedrooms, six bathrooms, a sitting room, reception hall, drawing room, library, dining room, kitchen, cellar and snooker room.

The current library room in the house is thought to be the site of the piggery which inspired Beatrix Potter’s successful children’s book.

Although the manor house is the oldest house in the Grange its kitchen is light and modern with appliances such as toasters and dishwashers

Likewise, the bathroom has been modernised, with a heated towel rack for example, for functionality but has managed to keep its old style with the design of the space

Contrary to revival of parts of the kitchen and the bathroom there are markings all over the house that express the age of the property

The house has many smaller, detailed features, such as this magnificent clock on panelled walls, that help to paint a picture of what it looked like when the beloved writer spent time there

The 16th century manor house is currently used as holiday accommodation and turns over £112,000 annually so it could be bought as a business venture.

Hardcragg Hall was once a family home and could be restored to an expansive family home once again. The property is secluded from the town and lies in just under one acre of land.

The 4,412 sq. ft. property is currently on the market with Ashdown Jones for £1M.

‘Built in 1563, Hardcragg Hall has the distinction of being the oldest home in Grange over Sands. Keep your eyes peeled for carvings, dates and initials, all attesting to the rich past of the property,’ the listing states.

‘Peacefully set amidst its own three-quarters of an acre of lawns and ornamental shrubbery, it is plain to see why Hardcragg Hall has provided a sanctuary of solace for its many residents and guests over the centuries.

‘Whilst Hardcragg Hall makes for a spacious yet cosy family home, the business potential of the spectacular Grade II listed Elizabethan manor house cannot go without a mention.

‘Currently let out as self-catered holiday accommodation, Hardcragg Hall enjoys a seventy per cent occupancy rate and is booked out every weekend of the year.

‘With an annual turnover of £112,000, the earning potential of this venture is definitely food for thought.’

All seven bedrooms in the house are simple and functional with quaint reminders of the history of the rooms Beatrix Potter stayed in sometimes

There is a snooker room at Hardcragg Hall for families holidaying at the self-catering venue to enjoy quality time together while they are surrounded by an acre of lawns and ornamental shrubbery

The dining room is another space in the house that has kept its period features looking like it has not been touched since Potter ate there with her friends

Two worlds collide: A modern, flat screen TV sits in a 400-year-old house with furniture and features that take you back in time

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