Epstein got off on my terror during sexual assault: accuser

A Jeffrey Epstein accuser said in a recent interview that the multi-millionaire pedophile was turned on by her terror when he sexually assaulted her at his New York mansion in the early 2000s, a report said Thursday.

The victim, identified by the Sun online as Kiki, told the news outlet the harrowing story of how she was abused by Epstein after after moving to New York from Texas in 2004.

The teen had hoped to land steady work with a model, but when her agency dropped her she ended up waiting tables at the Union Square Cafe, according to the report.

It was at the restaurant where she was approached by a young, attractive recruiter for Epstein, the Sun reported.

“She told me about this man she worked for, her ‘client’, and said he likes to receive massages and will pay you several hundred dollars for 30 minutes,” she told the Sun.

“It kept getting better and better. ‘He has ties with the fashion industry, he’s friends with supermodels’ and so on. I was broke and it sounded like an opportunity where he could help me,” she added.

The teen went to Epstein’s Upper East Side mansion days later, where she was lead to a massage room, according to the report.

He then appeared in a towel, laid down on a massage table and asked Kiki to take off her clothes as she started to massage him.

“I was trembling. I was so scared. And I took my clothes off. He began to touch me, aggressively, and it quickly turned into an assault,” she told the Sun.

As he abused her, Kiki could tell he was “getting off” on her fear, she told the news outlet.

“I distinctly remember him smiling, enjoying the fact that he was doing this horrible thing to me, that obviously terrified me and was violating me – but he was somehow getting off on that.

“I had never had a sexual experience before. I was 19. That was my introduction to any intimate experience.”

After the abuse, he handed her $200 and a housekeeper led her to the door.

“I couldn’t figure out what had just happened. I was so confused,” she told the Sun. “I called my mom bawling, in tears, and said ‘you have to come and get me now.’”

Kiki, who returned to Texas after the assault, also called for Prince Andrew to cooperate with the FBI about what he knows about the abuse and Epstein’s co-conspirators.

“Why would you not have some empathy or heart, especially as a father to two young women?” she said.

Epstein killed himself in a Lower Manhattan jail cell while awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges last August. His longtime alleged madam, Ghislaine Maxwell, was arrested for allegedly procuring girls for him to abuse last month and is currently awaiting trial.

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