Evil nanny ‘deliberately scalded a 16-month-old toddler so she could go home to Myanmar’ from Singapore

AN EVIL nanny deliberately scalded a 16 month old toddler so she could go back home from Myanmar to Singapore, according to reports.

The woman is said to have committed the sick crime because wanted to lose her job so she could sent back home.

She has instead been sent to prison where she has been ordered to serve 14 months.

The incident which took place in an island city-state of Singapore in January was caught on camera.

Footage shows the unnamed maid is seen holding the toddler in front of a cooktop before dipping her hand in a sizzling pot, causing severe injuries.

When she was confronted by the baby's parents, she confessed that her friends had told her to do it so she would be fired and sent back home to Myanmar.

The infant's mother, Amy Low Mei Lang criticised the 14 month sentence saying it was "miserably short".

She said: "If it's the helper that was abused, it would (have been) a 14-year sentence for the employer. It's a double standard judgement."

The enraged mother also shared footage and snaps of the incident, which also shows her daughter's blistered hand.

She said her eight-year-old daughter was home at the time of the incident and called her father who rushed home from work to take the injured child to hospital.

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