Ex-cop charged in Ahmaud Arbery killing leaked video of black jogger’s death because ‘he thought it would exonerate him’ – The Sun

ONE of the men accused of killing Ahmaud Arbery reportedly leaked the video of the shooting in Georgia earlier this year — apparently hoping it would clear his name.

Gregory McMichael, 64, gave the now-viral video to a local radio station with the idea that the clip of he and his son would exonerate them for allegedly killing Arbery, an unarmed 25-year-old black man who was jogging on February 23.

L Chris Stewart, an attorney for Arbery's family, told WSB-TV of Gregory McMichael: “He had that tape by himself. He delivered it. We have questions about the length of it."

A friend of the McMichaels, Alan Tucker, previously said he was the one who leaked the video that showed what happened because he was trying "to stop a riot."

Tucker told Inside Edition he released the video, which was taken by another friend, William Bryan, who was following in his own car to film what was happening.

"Well, you saw what happened to Baltimore, you've seen what happened to Charleston, you saw what happened to Ferguson. I was trying to stop a riot,” he said.

"The video speaks for itself," Tucker said. "What happened, happened. I don't have an excuse for it.”

“I can't explain. Other than, we always say, 'What if he had just froze and hadn't done anything, he wouldn't have gotten shot.'"

Tucker more recently told WSB-TV that Gregory McMichael brought the video, along with others, to his office for help sending the video to a talk show host.

“I didn’t want the neighborhood to become a Ferguson,” Tucker said.

“That young man did not deserve to be shot," Tucker told the news outlet. “There was no reason in the world for Travis to pull a shotgun out of a damn truck. None."

Arbery, 25, was jogging in the Satilla Shores neighborhood of Brunswick earlier this year when he was shot down.

No arrests were made until May 7, after the video was widely shared on social media, pushing it into the national spotlight and prompting widespread outrage.

Both men were charged with felony murder, which means that a victim was killed during the commission of an underlying felony, in this case aggravated assault.

The investigation led by local authorities had seemed to be stalled and, amid the national uproar, a prosecutor specially appointed last month asked the Georgia Bureau of Investigation to get involved.

The McMichaels had told police they pursued Arbery after spotting him running in their neighborhood, according to the initial police report.

They said they thought Arbery matched the description of someone caught on a security camera committing recent break-ins in the area.

The father, an ex-cop, also claimed Arbery had attacked his son before he was fatally shot in February.

On Friday, TMZ reported that police told at least one neighbor that Gregory McMichael should be called if there was a trespasser on their property.

In a text reported to be from an officer with Glynn County Police Department to Larry English, the owner of the home under construction where Ahmaud's alleged killers claim he was trespassing, English is told to contact McMichael if he ever needed assistance.

The text read: "Greg is retired Law Enforcement and also a Retired Investigator from the DA's office. He said please call him day or night when you get action on your camera."

English's attorney, Elizabeth Graddy, confirmed the text exchange is real, according to reports.

Gregory McMichael had previously worked as a police officer with Glynn County and retired from working as an investigator with Brunswick district attorney's office in 2019.

On Friday, Graddy released four separate camera videos of a man who may have been Arbery walking through the construction site he visited the day he was shot.

Graddy said that the footage shows that Arbery may have been looking for a drink of water when he wandered into the site.

Though water sources are not visible in the footage, the lawyer said that the man was moving to where the water would be located.

Additional video showed other people visiting the site on the day Arbery was shot, leading his legal team to question why Arbery was the one to be shot.

The shooting has fueled fierce debate over the 25-year-old's death, leading people to claim the act was racially motivated.

Attorney Franklin Hogue, hired to defend Gregory McMichael, said at a recent news conference: "The truth will reveal this is not just another act of violent racism."

"Greg McMichael did not commit murder. Greg McMichael is not a party to the crime of murder."

Defense lawyers for McMichael said on Friday that they have examined evidence that "tells a very different story" about the victim, with attorney Laura Hogue telling reporters: "There is more than one video of the incident."

Arbery's mother said that her son was merely out jogging the day he was shot, and the 25-year-old's lawyers said the footage of Arbery at the construction site shows he is committing no crimes.

Attorneys for Arbery's parents said: "There were frequently people on the construction site both day and night."

"Ahmaud Arbery seems to be the only one who was presumed to be a criminal and ultimately the only one murdered based on that assumption."

Two weeks prior to the shooting, Travis McMichael, 34, had called 911 to report a potential trespasser on English's property.

The description McMichael gave was: "Black male, red shirt and white shorts."

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