Ex-Corrie actress posts clip of care staff shutting blinds on family in Covid window visit with dementia-suffering mum

AN EX-CORONATION street actress has shared shocking new footage of care staff shutting the blinds on her family during a Covid window visit with their 97-year-old dementia-suffering gran.

Leandra Ashton, 41, posted the heart-breaking clip showing her mum pleading through the window that gran Tina Thornborough had "blue" lips and fast breathing.

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But the carer tells her to call back on Monday before wheeling frail Tina away and closing the blinds as Ylenia Angeli, 73, begs "don't take her away".

Ylenia is heard telling carers at Northgate House that elderly Tina's "lips are blue and her breathing is quite fast".

And horrified Ylenia has since said staff "totally overrode" her when she tried to speak to them about her mum, branding their behaviour "disgraceful".

The family have clashed with the care home before with Ylenia detained after she "sprung" her mum Tina, who has dementia, from the home in Market Weighton, Yorkshire before lockdown.

Leandra Ashton, 41, her actress daughter who starred in Coronation Street, filmed the harrowing ordeal as her nan sat helplessly in the family car.

Retired nurse Ylenia and her family want to care for Tina at home.


Ylenia told Sun Online: "These window visits are appalling, anyway. There was no way my mother could hear what I was talking about.

"I had to kneel on the concrete and try to get through to my mother. They gave me 15 minutes, after about ten that kicked off.

"It was appalling. I was absolutely shaken at the sheer callousness, at the way my real concerns were not being taken onboard.

"My mother was wheeled away. It was terrible, really.I was just beside myself. Everything we have gone through over the last eight months, the arrest, and then this.

"It's just like, 'My god, is this really happening? Is this really Britain?'"

I was absolutely shaken at the sheer callousness

She added: "I just had the blinds put down on me and my mother wheeled away."

It came just days after a government announcement that families who test negative for coronavirus can visit relatives in care homes this Chrismtas.

More than a million rapid "lateral flow" tests, which provide results in about 20 minutes, are being sentto England's 385 biggest care homes.

Following the government's announcement, Ylenia insists she produced a negative test result, but was told the care home wouldn't allow visits until all residents had received the new Covid vaccine.

Ylenia said: "When I was tested and proved negative they said all the residents have to be vaccinated, which I think is atrocious.

"It seems like East Riding of Yorkshire are making their own rules and aren't being guided by what the government is saying."

She added: "We want action this week. We want mum home this week. My mother hasn't got two months to wait."

Ylenia said she has contacted local MP Julian Sturdy about her mum's case.


A meeting with social workers on Tuesday was held to see if Tina should be taken home to be cared for by her family.

A decision is due to be taken in the coming weeks, with a legal battle over her mum ongoing, but Ylenia is adamant her mum needs to come home immediately.

Ylenia said: "My mother is so frail. you can see she is terribly unwell. How long has she got left?

"My mother is dying and they are talking about three weeks to two months."

She admits the relationship between the family and the home has "broken down, considerably".

Sun Online has contacted East Riding of Yorkshire Council, Northgate House and Humberside Police.

Last month, Leandra, an actress and yoga teacher from York, told Sun Online how they "sprung" her nan from the care home on the spur of the moment.

Leandra,, who played Saskia Larson in Corrie, said: "The lady opened the door at which point my mother used the flowers to barge her way in.

"She was just saying, 'Don't get in the way of me and my mother, let me get to my mother'.

"She just hugged her. Which was just heartbreaking. Then she turned around to see me outside, the care home were calling the police.

"At which point as my mum brought my nan round to have a look at me she just carried on wheeling her out, very quietly, very calmly, nobody stopped us and we just wheeled her.


"I thought, "We've sprung Nan, we have got her out, we are not going to giver her back".

"We literally didn't know what the hell to do. We were like, we're on the run now with my 97-year-old nan.

Ylenia was dearrested then released and her mother was returned to the care home.

Assistant Chief Constable Chris Noble, from Humberside Police, said officers responded to reports of an assault , adding: "The care home had also reported that a woman who they were legally responsible for had been taken from the home by her daughter.

“Officers found both women along with a third woman nearby and informed them that they would need to return the lady to the home, as is their legal duty to do so.

“Officers then returned the elderly lady to the home.”

Northgate House has been contacted by The Sun Online for a comment.

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