Ex ‘Human Ken Doll’ Jessica Alves’s friend kisses her boobs as they put on raunchy display outside Milan restaurant

FORMER "Human Ken Doll" Jessica Alves's close friend has been spotted kissing her boobs as the pair put on a raunchy display outside a Milan restaurant.

The pals played up for the cameras outside the Marro restaurant in Italy, with plastic surgeon Giacomo Urtis giving Jessica a couple of cheeky kisses.

Jessica, 37, wore a tight-fitting pink dress which showed off her curves as she posed with Giacomo.

The Brazilian-born star paired her outfit with a light pink handbag.

Jessica and Giacomo starting dating around November 2017, but Jessica told the MailOnline that the pair are now just friends.

They've been close pals for years, she added.

Jessica explained: "Three years ago we had a relationship that led to a strong friendship and last year we recorded a song together, Plastic World, that became a hit in Italy and Spain and we are always supporting each other.

"It has been one year now that I started my transition and Giacomo has always been very supportive."

On Sunday night, Jessica was seen oozing confidence while posing for photographers wearing a leopard-print dress as she arrived at the Parioli Restaurant in Milan.

The Brazilian TV personality was also spotted sharing another kiss with Giacomo earlier this month.

Jessica, formerly known as "Human Ken Doll" Rodrigo Alves, has spent more than £600,000 on surgery, and transitioned earlier this year.

Recently, Jessica has undergone facial feminisation surgery, breast enlargement and bottom augmentation.

In September 2017 Alves revealed on Italian TV the intention to undergo a sex change in order to become a Human Barbie Doll.

According to the MailOnline, Jessica recently underwent her twelfth nose job, and has described her long blonde hair as the "ultimate symbol of femininity".

And reports suggest that the star, who appeared on Celebrity Big Brother in 2018 and speaks six languages, will globe-trot to search for the "man of her dreams" as part of a new TV show.

The celeb will reportedly travel to Italy, Spain, Germany, France, the US, Brazil and the Netherlands on her search for love.

Jessica said it felt "different dating as a woman", but "everyone deserves to have love in their life and I need a little help in that department".

Dating hopefuls will soon be able to register on her new website.

 "I want to show the world that a trans woman like me is able to go on dates with straight men who don't mind which gender I was born.

Jessica said: "I won't rule out getting married on the show if I meet the man of my dreams and I hope he has the same dreams of starting a family."

Her new dating show, which has an initial working title of 'Love Me Gender: Everyone Deserves A Bit Of Love In Life' is being coordinated by TV production firm Concept Street, to air on a major streaming service.

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