Ex-NFL player Phillip Adams’ brain to be examined for CTE injury after deadly shooting spree left five dead

FORMER NFL player Phillip Adams, who killed five people in a South Carolina murder-suicide on Thursday, will be given a CTE scan posthumously to determine if any degenerative brain disease led to his actions.

Adams' family gave doctors the okay to go forward and test for chronic traumatic encephalopathy, also known as a CTE, the brain disease commonly found in football players.

This comes just a day after experts claim Adams' CTE scans from the NFL could offer a view into the ex-athlete committed the acts of violence in South Carolina.

The York County coroner's office will conduct the testing in collaboration with Boston University.

A 2017 study by the university found that most players suffered from some degree of the disease.

They did add results could take up to six months.

On Thursday, the 32-year-old Adams forced his way into his former doctor Dr Robert Lesslie's home and killed him along with his wife and their two grandchildren.

He then killed a contractor outside his doctor's home before turning the gun on himself.

Adams spent six years in NFL, which were often seen filled with injuries.

In 2012 while playing for Oakland, he suffered two concussions in a three-game span.

The New York Institute of Technology’s Center for Sports Medicine director Dr. Hallie Zwibel told the New York Post that it was likely Adams developed CTE while playing football.

"He could have been taking hits all the time [and] only wound up with only one or two concussions, but the cumulative hits he has taken is so many that it could have made him develop a degenerative brain disease," Zwibel said.

"It really affects people to an enormous degree in their ability to enjoy relationships and friendships, to really function in the world," Zwibel added.

"They get very frustrated, understandably, with the deficits that they’re having," the doctor ended

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