F-15 Eagle crash: What caused it and where is RAF Lakenheath?

A US F-15 fighter plane from a base near Suffolk has crashed into the North Sea, sparking a desperate search for the pilot on board.

But what caused the aircraft crash, what is an F-15 fighter plane, and where is RAF Lakenheath?

What caused the F-15 Eagle plane crash?

The US Air Force confirmed this morning that the military jet crashed into the North Sea, off the coast of Yorkshire.

However, the cause of the crash off of Flamborough Head is still unknown.

In a statement, the US Air Force said: "The cause of the crash as well as the status of the pilot are unknown at this time and UK Search and Rescue have been called to support."

Reports confirmed that the F-15C Eagle crashed at around 9.40AM, and that the aircraft was on a routine training mission with one pilot on board.

What is an F-15 fighter plane?

F-15 fighter jets are American twin-engine aircrafts, and are among the most successful modern fighter planes.

They were first flown in 1972, and have become a staple military aircraft in the US Air Force, Japan Air Self-Defense Force and the Israeli Air Force.

The F-15 is also an all-weather tactical fighter jet with top-tier technologies – and it is yet to be defeated when used in aerial combat.

With a speed that can travel 2.5 times faster than the speed of sound, F-15 planes can also hold up to 30,000 lbs of weaponry for their attacks – making it one of the fastest aircrafts in the world.

Where is RAF Lakenheath?

RAF Lakenheath is an aircraft base near the village of Lakenheath in Suffolk, England.

Although it's a Royal Air Force station, it also hosts US Air Force jets and personnel in the 48th Fighter Wing.

The base was built in 1940 and has been used by the US Air Force since 1948 – and the aircraft involved in the crash on June 15 took off from RAF Lakenheath.


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