Facebook down – Social media users fume as they are hit with ‘network issues’ for several hours – The Sun

FACEBOOK users are fuming over "network issues" as many are reporting news feed, log in and total blackout problems when accessing their accounts.

Downdetector.com is reporting that 49 percent of Facebook users are having news feed issues, 34 percent are reporting log in problems and 16 percent are complaining about total blackouts on their profiles.

User, Michael Dicamillo said, "when I click to go to Facebook all I get is a blank screen, it has been 6 hours now."

Another user, Alexis Coyotl said, "Getting a pop up that says session expired everytime. So annoying."

A user took to Twitter to voice her frustration, "Is it my impression or the #Facebook dropped down?? I can't open any of my pages !!" tweeted Paula Gualda.

In the last hour Downdetector has reported that 96 users have reported issues with their accounts.

Twitter user, Megan Flanagan shared a screenshot of Downdetector saying, "Happy Monday potential problems at Facebook! Lots of people having connection issues."

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