Family of 'murdered' Vanessa Guillen meet with President Trump and beg for justice for Fort Hood soldier

VANESSA Guillen’s family met with President Donald Trump on Thursday — and he promised to deliver justice for the Army soldier who was killed in April.

Trump, who met with Guillen’s mom, dad, two sisters, and family lawyer in the Oval Office, said: “We’ll get to the bottom of it.”

“So we’re going to look into it very powerfully,” the president said. “We’ll get to the bottom of it, and maybe things can come out that will help other people in a situation like Vanessa.”

Guillen, 20, was last seen at Fort Hood military base in Texas on April 22 — the day investigators say US Army Specialist Aaron Robinson hit her in the head with a hammer.

Federal prosecutors have said Guillen’s body, found in July, was mutilated and burned before it was placed in three different holes after she was bludgeoned to death.

As cops closed in earlier this month on Robinson, who is said to have conspired his 22-year-old girlfriend Cecily Aguilar to hide the body, he killed himself.

Trump said on Thursday that the FBI, the Justice Department, and officials at Fort Hood are investigating what happened.

“We didn’t want to have this swept under the rug, which could happen," Trump said.

Guillen’s family asked Trump to support the congressional bill #IAmVanessaGuillen, intended to change how sexual abuse and harassment cases are handled by military leaders.

At a news conference following their meeting, Guillen’s sister said Trump is supportive, according to CBS News.

Guillen’s family has said the 20-year-old complained of sexual harassment, but never formally reported it out of fear of retaliation.

The late Army specialist’s sister said it was a "disgrace that when you get sexually harassed you have to report on to your line of command… so you wouldn’t have the confidence nor the trust to report it."

Trump said the situation is “probably, sadly, it’s probably not that unique. There are other people in trouble, too.”

The president offered to help “financially” with Guillen’s funeral in Houston, Texas, out of his own money as he “can’t do it through government.”

When her family said the military is paying for it, Trump said: “If they need something, I’ll — we’ll take care — we’ll make sure she is very respected.

“Because I — I’ve seen statements about her from other people, as you know, and you don’t get better statements about a person.”

Trump said he was told Guillen “was very extraordinary.”

“Your daughter would be very proud of you right now,” Trump told Guillen’s family. “She’s looking down. She’ll be very proud of you.”

“We will get to the bottom of a lot of this, and maybe all of it,” he said before saying “justice for Vanessa.”

Guillen’s remains were found earlier this month near the Leon River in Bell County, about 20 miles east of the Fort Hood military base.

Family attorney Natalie Kwaham said the 20-year-old was beaten so badly that officials had trouble using dental records to identify her since her teeth were smashed up.

Guillen had to be identified through strains of her hair.

Kwaham told CrimeOnline that evidence linking Guillen’s death to Robinson dates back to April 22, as a witness spotted him in the parking lot.

When Guillen arrived in the arms room, Robinson was already inside working.

Kwaham said Guillen saw photos on Robinson’s phone and confronted him “about having an affair with someone married to a former soldier.”

Robinson allegedly told Guillen he wasn’t going to let her ruin his military career before he is said to have hit her with the hammer.

Kwaham said he left blood all over the armory room, where he stored her body in a case, and left Fort Hood to buy supplies.

The attorney claimed that Robinson then used a machete to hack the soldier's body to pieces before encasing parts of her in cement.

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